Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gamers Sanctuary Steamroller League Starting June 4th

I've used this picture recently but it is so damn cool
Gamers Sanctuary is starting up another league for Warmachine / Hordes so get out to the store and get fighting! I know I'll be there with my Legion and will definitely use this as an excuse to get painting on the new models I have. I love the game and I haven't had nearly enough time to play it lately - plus I've been in a 40k kick. This will get me back in and hopefully get a great amount of my legion painted.

• Event Begins: Monday, June 4th @ 6pm
• League Length: 6 Weeks
• Format: Steamroller 2012 Escalation
• League Fee: $2.00 Per Week

For any condition not addressed here, use the Steamroller 2012 rules.

Players will compete in a 6-week Steamroller Escalation League with First, Second and Third place players each receiving an official Steamroller trophy (see the trophies at: ... ophies.png). Players can play up to two (2) league scoring matches each week. These games will earn players League Points and count towards their overall standing in the league. Players can also play an unlimited number of open games each week. Open games will be used to determine tiebreakers. Strength of schedule will not be used. Players cannot play the same opponent in consecutive games (open or scoring).

Games will not have time limits. All games must be played to completion. Draws are not permitted. Before the start of each game, scoring and open, the player with the lowest number of League Points must roll for scenario according to the Steamroller 2012 Scenario Selection Chart (SR2012, Pg. 7). Players will be awarded 3 League Points for each scoring game win and 1 League Point for each scoring game loss. Players can make-up missed scoring games at any point during the league.

League Points are not awarded for open games. As far as open games are concerned, players need only record their opponent's name and the outcome.

All players must choose a faction at the beginning of the league and must use exclusively that faction for the entirety of the league. A player's list can change at any time. Army sizes for each week of league are as follows:

Week 1: 15-Points - Week 2: 20-Points - Week 3: 25-Points
Week 4: 30-Points - Week 5: 35-Points - Week 6: Free For All

For all you hobby enthusiasts, the Steamroller Escalation League will also reward players for painting their models throughout the course of the league. Hobby Points will be issued towards models, owned and painted by the league participant himself/herself, as follows:

Battle Engine/Colossal: 4-Points
Warcaster/Warlock, Max. Size Unit: 3-Points
Heavy Warjack/Warbeast, Min. Size Unit*: 2-Points
Light Warjack/Warbeast, Solo: 1-Point
* Also includes units that do not have a Min./Max. size.

At the end of the league, the three players with the most Hobby Points will be awarded Steamroller Coins for First, Second and Third place (see the coins at: In the event of a tie for Hobby Points, the player with the best paint job, as judged by a GS staff member, will be deemed the winner.


  1. Looking forward to dusting off the angry elves. I've been reading a lot more Retribution strategy discussions on the forums so hopefully I can be more competitive than the last escalation league.

  2. I am in, but will have to make up games during the week/weekend for the first couple weeks. Hopefully you lot will help me out with that.