Friday, June 1, 2012

It Came From the Forums - Tervigon Diorama

I'm going to steal a post format from our Michigander cousin-blog Dark Future Games and spread this lovely diorama that I found over at The Tyranid Hive, the best Tyranid forum on the web.

First, the link with appropriate source - the painter is KrakenGenesi. Being a fellow Kraken hive mind this diorama really hits home pretty well with me. I really like the clean painting style with the afterbirth on the babies. Plus he added space marines getting slaughtered by this monstrosity. Love it. Click to embiggen images.

I really like the afterbirth effect on the gants. I didn't do that with mine but this looks really good.

Look at all that gunk.

Newly born gants ready to do their duty from the first second!

These dudes really think they stand a chance?

Overall a beautiful diorama with great painting 

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