Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Prepping for Fall-In!

It has been a slow summer and fall in terms of miniature hobby stuff. There have been a ton of great video games that came out - Uncharted Lost Legacy, NBA2k18, Madden, Wolfenstein 2, Destiny 2, etc. I've mostly been doing that stuff. I have made plans to attend Fall-In, the fall HMGS convention, though, so I've been cranking out models to finish just in time.

I'm very excited for Fall In - I've never been before and I've heard a lot about it. This year players have organized a Lard Day for TooFatLardies afficionados which really tipped the scales for me in terms of going.

Here's the overall event list, just a snapshot. It's something like 30 pages. I know its a bit daunting to keep updated by dang I would like this in a real mobile web format instead of a huge PDF, its really hard to use.

The TFL schedule is easier to read, while less detailed. I'm planning on playing Chain of Command, Sharp Practice, and General D'Armee. I'm really excited to get games of CoC and GDA because I haven't played them yet, just read the rules.

Here you can see what I'm working on in a VERY ROUGH stage. I am painting six deserters and seven militia guys for my ACW scenario I'm running Saturday morning. I really hope people sign up for my game!

Here are the handouts I'm working on for my game. I made unit cards and leader cards for each Sharp Practice player. I've put them in PowerPoint but I think I'll port them to PDF and add in text boxes so everyone can use them.

I'm reading this book on the way down called Sherman's March. It's a narrative, so its written more in a style of a story than it is a dry history. It includes quotes to back up all the narrative portions and really gives you an idea of what the march was like.

I also had a t-shirt printed for Combined Arms Podcast - I'll be wearing it this weekend, stop by and let me talk to you about our new cast =)

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