Monday, November 6, 2017

Fall In! Photo Gallery

I attended Fall In last weekend and it was a blast. Here are a few photos with captions for the things I remember.

When we first arrived - a view of the Host's roof under construction

Lots of Flames of War tables already set up Friday night

The Lampeter room was where I spent most of my time over the weekend playing TFL games and Triumph

They were running Commands and Colors American Revolution on Friday night - looks great!

There was a 40k tourney going on Thursday night and Friday

Some Epic

A huge Black Powder ACW game

I had some really fun Triumph tournament games while watching the Bills get destroyed on my tablet

Blood and Plunder demos!

The TFL area getting set up

Paul and I played through a really fun Congo game!

Chain of Command!

More Chain of Command

There were a ton of great I Ain't Been Shot Mum games - lots of people attending!
The TFL area getting ready to go!

We had a great Sharp Practice game set in the south during the AWI

The IABSM game was gorgeous!


I fought valiantly with the colonists but was eventually pushed back by superior numbers and firepower from the British side

The vendor hall! Lots of amazing stuff in here.

I played my first game of Chain of Command and managed to get most of my leaders killed

Evening Shadespire

Prepping ACW Sharp Practice (my game)

Pummeling volleys from the Bummers eventually knocked the Georgia militia off the board

There was a great Peninsular game setup as well

This was pretty insane

This was some sort of riverboat game

A chariot race board

Skirmish Sangin!

There were a few games for kids, pretty cool

This couldn't be more Pennsyltucky if it tried

General D'Armee getting kicked off - all the blinds on the board

I managed to get all my guys killed again in a Big Chain of Command game

Maybe next year it'll have shingles!
I'll post up more about what I bought and played with more thoughts - for now, just a photo dump!


  1. All those beautiful game boards completely marred by papers, drinks, order sheets, rule books, tape measures, etc. If only there were a better way!

    1. Lol, yeah. In a few years we'll all have tablets that are super fast and easy to read for grogs with bad eyesight

  2. Great Pics - thanks for posting these. I liked the way you had a sort of time lapse of the Lardy Area. Do you mind if I use a couple of the AWI pics for my documentation of the game - they're better than what I took.