Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fall In Purchases

The vendor hall was pretty packed this year with lots of new stuff - I decided to take some home with me!

I picked up two Chain of Command trackers so I can get playing. I like these because they show the different effects each command dice has. From Phalanx Consortium
I picked up all these flags from The Flagdude. I wanted to get some for Sharp Practice, so I got one each of Confederate and Federal that would be general enough to use for most battles later in the war. I also picked up two (by accident) French flags for Napoleonics, a British flag for Napoleonics, and a NC state flag for Rev War.

The rulebooks! I wanted to pick up more TFL rulesets so I got Dux Britannarium and the Raiders supplement for it as well as I Ain't Been Shot Mum from Brigade Games. I also picked up the new Plausible Deniability expansion for Skirmish Sangin from Phalanx. 
I picked up a Confederate camp set from Old Glory, ten Foundry ACW minis at the Flea Market, two boxes of Spanish Grenadiers for my Peninsular War game from Brigade Games, a Blood and Plunder template set from Phalanx, and a Coehorn mortar from Sash and Saber.
I also purchased an army for Triumph!. I picked up a Northern Chinese dynasty set from Essex at C&B Miniatures

Here they are based up.
Here is my big purchase for the convention - a ton of Congo stuff. I played in a game on Friday morning so I was excited. I decided to paint up a jungle tribe and purchased models for it from Brigade and others. I also bought a giraffe and a crocodile because why not.
I received this when I returned home. It is a collapsible dice tray with our podcast logo. Not poorly priced and arrived from Singapore pretty quick. 
I'll post my thoughts on the con later this week - just wanted to get photos out of the way!


  1. Nice haul, I think you'll love the Dux B rules and campaign when you get to it. BTW, TFL Richard Clark is in Minneapolis giving a demo of I ain't been shot, mum on Dec. 29th at The Source!