Friday, September 29, 2017

Sharp Practice: Terrain, Tokens, and Reference Cards!

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It's been a busy month with work, kids soccer and school, and the weather has been extremely hot! So not a lot of stuff done in terms of actual gaming. I did manage to make and purchase a few good things, though. Check them out.

The first items I wanted to highlight are these peninsula buildings from Tablescape ( They're hard foam and very well done! They are just the right size, light, and easy to transport. I like the drybrushing - they'll fit in really well for my peninsula table when I do that at Flintcon in February.

These came over from Britain with a quick turnaround. I would definitely recommend them and will be purchasing more, I'm sure.

I purchased these roads on eBay from Nerd Herd Wargaming. They're hard board roads that have been painted and drybrushed, then flocked. They seem like they're going to hold up really well. 

They are probably the perfect size for Black Powder all the way through WW2. I like the crossroads and joins as well. They sell other pieces that I'll likely pick up at some point. For this cost you can have enough roads for a few tables.

We have been trying to figure out a solution to making Sharp Practice a little easier to play. The key things we get hung up on are which leader is which number and who has activated. I designed these tokens and then asked Diecutomy to print them and they turned out great!


There are way more than I'll ever need, but perhaps someday we'll play a really big game. I tried to get every single thing that I'd ever need to mark on a board. I'm excited to use them at Fall-In.

I'm also working on these unit and leader cards. They're not done yet, but when they are, I'll post up the files. The easiest way I've found to make them is in PowerPoint. I'm hoping to make it as easy as possible for players to have all the information they need so they can focus on playing the game and having fun.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice, very nice job on the terrain, and top notch reference cards, they look superb!