Monday, March 20, 2017

The Road to Adepticon: Infinity ITS Preparation

This past weekend I finished up the last few models for two Infinity ITS tournaments I am playing in at Adepticon. I have only played a total of two games of Infinity since an ITS event last November so I am worried about being rusty. Fortunately the first tournament is a manageable 200 point Spec Ops format so the model count is lower.  The bigger tournament is on Friday with 400 point lists. The last Michigan GT tournament was at 400 points so at least I won't be going in completely unprepared.

I am playing vanilla ALEPH for both events. I found that I can get cheaper specialists for objective scoring this way. Specifically, I can bring various combinations of Post-Humans proxies which got a nice boost after the release of the Human Sphere book.

Inspiration for Post Humans
The ITS format allows for two different lists and you are not required to play both like in Warmamachine. Both my 200 point lists are similar with one featuring a couple more specialists in place of some brute force models. My 400 pt lists are quite different as one has my Marut TAG which was a powerhouse the last time I played at this point level.  As I mentioned, all of my lists feature Post Humans and I was able to paint up two of the newer models from the recently released box set.

Mk5 Proxy with two SMGs and Mk4 Proxy with Heavy Rocket Launcher and SMG
The new models look great but they really changed the aesthetic from the previous Anime girl theme.I have used the rules for these models several times before (using Proxies for the Proxies) but it is nice to have the new WYSIWYG versions. ALEPH is somewhat limited in heavy weapon options so the addition of the blast from the rocket launcher has been pivotal in some games I have played. The Mk5 proxy has also worked wonders as it has Forward Deployment + Forward Oberserver which is good for late game objective grabbing.

Myrmidon with a Chain rifle and Myrmidon Officer with Combi Rifle
While I am not playing the Sectorial army I am still using a couple of Myrmidons in my vanilla list. The chain rifle Myrmidon has been great throwing smoke grenades to combine with models that have Multi-spectral visors to restrict enemy AROs. The Myrmidon officer is the only ALEPH model with Chain of Command which is helpful for reducing the penalty for loss of Lieutenant. Much like the Post Humans, it is nice to have the WYSIWYG versions of these models painted up now.

Spotbot and Atalanta
After much consideration I decided to NOT bring one of my favorite models, Penthesilea (aka Penny). She is one of my favorite models that I have painted but I have never gotten her to survive long enough to get into close combat. Adepticon probably has better LoS blocking terrain that I am used to but I decided to switch out Penny for her super sniper sister Atalanta. The points are about equal for both of them so I am interested to see how this works out.

Display board
I have all the models painted and ready to go on the display board I made for the MIGT. I hope to have some pics from the events and do a wrap up after Adepticon. Thanks for reading!

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