Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Road to AdeptiCon - French and Indian War Troops Done - Provincials and Native Americans + Terrain!

Here they come Jacques, all the gamers to AdeptiCon
I'm finally finished with my project for the French and Indian War game at AdeptiCon. We're playing Sharp Practice, a scenario called Skirmish on the Juniata. We've had some players drop out due to not finishing their models, but we'll still have enough to do a fun game. I committed myself to finishing 24 provincial soldiers and 12 native Americans, plus some terrain for the board.

Here you can see my provincial soldiers lined up behind their temporary barricades. The barricades are from Acheson Creations, as is the rest of the terrain I painted. You can see the two deployment points and two supply carts I did as well.

Some closeups on my dudes defending their line. I really love the flag from Maverick Models; it stands out well and looks great flying above the men. The brightness of these uniforms really stands out against the mostly green and brown you'll see on a FIW board.

A better close up of my two deployment points and two 'mule trains', one for each side, that will supply the troops.

Here you can see my native Americans. The rocky terrain I actually purchased on eBay at a really reasonable rate from a Michigander. The burned house, beached canoe, and burnt chimney are all scatter terrain pieces from Acheson Creations.

Here you can see my native Americans close up. I have thirteen painted, 12 + 1 leader. Some are from Conquest Miniatures, and some are scattered around other lines as many different manufacturers produce them. I also painted a Jesuit monk model from AW Miniatures. He's a scenario piece specifically for the French to guard as they raid the British road building effort. 

Please check out my other posts on finishing the Virginia Regiment, painting the Virginia Regiment, and the background of the Virginia Regiment, as well as my overall look at the Road to AdeptiCon. Thanks for reading!

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