Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Road To AdeptiCon - Finishing the Virginia Regiment for the French and Indian War

Yesterday I posted my paint guidelines for my Virginia Provincials. I went through and finished everything, varnished, based, etc. All in all the project took me about two months from January to now, to paint 24 infantry, two officers, a drummer, and a standard bearer. All models are from Galloping Major.

In Sharp Practice, that'll make two different leaders and support selections in the drummer and standard bearer. It'll also be three different groups of eight men, which will make a great base for my British French and Indian force. After this, I'll likely paint British regulars and colonial settlers, and of course some Native Americans.

Here you can see all the men in line. I chose to use the same bases I've used for my ACW stuff so I don't have a ton of them laying around.

Here are some closeups. I'm really happy with how everything turned out. Tons of different poses.

A closeup of the officers and support. The standard bearer is not actually a provincial, I think. I am not sure which force he's really from, likely British infantry, but I don't recall.

Here is a look down the firing line and then a shot with my smoke markers. I'm really happy with how these troops turned out. Now to finish my deployment points, some Native Americans, and I'll be ready for AdeptiCon!

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