Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thornwood Thursday - Woldwrath Finished

I finished a large hobby project this week that I had been putting off for over a year!   I am happy to say my Hordes Woldwrath is finished.   Adepticon is approaching fast and I plan on running my Circle Orboros army in the Iron Arena and Senior Pro Tour Tournament.   This model took a lot of hobby time to assemble and paint up but I am pleased with the results.   

I had been putting this model off for a long time so finishing it is a relief.   Originally I had ambitious plans to do another LED model like my Hyperion.   However, as I got into the assembly I realized the large resin pieces and metal arms would be difficult to hide wires without a lot of Dremel time.

I converted a Secret Weapon Miniatures lava base for my Woldwrath.   I removed some of the lava bubbles as I planned on using some of the SWM water effects for a stream.

The SWM masterclass tree stumps on the base were great additions.   I like the idea of the Woldwrath going after those responsible for cutting the trees down.   Yet, it is ironic how many trees were cut down to make him...

I painted the base up and used the SWM water effects for the first time.   I watched the tutorial video but it seemed like I had to apply more layers over many days to get the effect I wanted.

Next up I started assembly on the Woldwrath's legs.   I am not a fan of the stock hunched over look so it took a bit of converting with green stuff and pinning to give it more of an upright stance.

The model is very top heavy and I took the time to pin all the major joints.

I painted up the major sections separately before assembling the final model.

The airbrush proved helpful (as always!) getting the two tone green shade just right.   I spent the time also making a bright green wash that filled in the many runes covering the panels.

The hard part was getting all the small details on this model finished.   The mixture of wood, ropes, and vines proved challenging to paint.

I added some dry brush Dheneb stone highlights on the edges to break up the grey on the edges.   I liked the effect of the cut stone look.

I originally bought this model to do a Cassius tier list but I am not sure how competitive it is.   I think he may be seeing a lot of Iron Arena time at Adepticon.   He might not be ready for prime time tournament competition.

I do plan on taking a display board with me.   I think the Warmahordes crowd could take a few tips from the 40k players who show up with beautiful displays.   

Thanks for reading!

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