Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Trollblood Tuesday - Night Troll and Extreme Mauler

Up this week, I have two cool models that say on my painting shelf for too long- the creepy looking Night Troll and the ridiculous over the top Extreme Dire Troll Mauler.
Up first is my Night Troll. This is a super cheap utility beast, with the unique (in Trollbloods) Stealth ability. He can paralyze targets or mesmerize models, forcing them to approach him. At four points he is interesting, but I've yet to find a good place for him in a list. Still his model is very interesting.

I wish my blends, particularly on the spikes, came out better in my photo. Not an amazing paintjob overall, but pretty good for how quickly I got it done.

Next up I have the over the top Extreme Dire Troll Mauler. Privateer Press produces extreme versions of certain models, intended for painting/collecting primarily. The Mauler was one of the earlier extreme sculpts. I painted it more or less like my other heavies, though I did some more blending into lighter areas such as the chest and abdomen. And in general I did more highlighting than normal.

The base came with the model, but I added some sand in places, and painted to tie it into other models in my army. Also I readily admit the eye is pretty wonky, but it amuses me so I left it.

Thanks as always for checking out my stuff! I always welcome comments and feedback- feel free to post some below.

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