Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Adepticon Bound

Fresh Coast gaming is on the road tomorrow heading to Adepticon.  I am looking forward to seeing the new larger venue and experiencing four days of gaming.  I did not get all my hobby goals finished but I am ready for all the events I am signed up for.  

The first event I have is the Necromunda by Night tournament.    I did not get any practice in so it may be a bit bumpy at first.    The last game of Necromunda I played was at Adepticon 2013.

Friday is my 40k day as I am playing a variant of the Space Hulk board game and then a 400 point combat patrol tournament.   Originally I was going to bring a Blood Angels list but I did not get my tactical squad painted.    So I am bringing a Tau/Farsight Enclaves list that meets the restrictions.

Saturday I have the Senior Pro tour Warmachine/Hordes tournament.    This is a 50 point steamroller one list/second optional with an age requirement.    I am looking forward to this even though I changed my original plan for what lists to bring.   I did get some more painting done for the Path of Destruction Riven Bonds season running at GS.    I finally finished Kromac's model(s) that had been partially painted for a long time. 

I do plan on getting in some Iron Arena games as well.    I painted up my Lanyssa Ryssal model and a Woldwarden beast for my Circle army.

Finally on Sunday I am scheduled to play in a Star Trek:Attack Wing tournament.   I have been going through a lot of list ideas to meet the requirements but I have not decided yet.   I did paint up some models though just in case I decide to go for the "hobby" award instead of playing a more competitive list.

I painted up the Resistance is Futile grand prize ship, Assimilated Target Prime.   Even though it is the same model as the starter Enterprise D, the custom "borg" paint and cards are not for sale and go for a lot of cash on ebay.    I still hated the light blue paint scheme and did my best to repaint it while keeping the partially assimilated look of the original model.

I also painted up an aftermarket, smaller scaled Defiant model.    This a purchased 3D printed model that I picked up and looks more in scale with the larger ships.  

I expect we will have a good wrap up next week after we get back and recover.    Thanks for reading!

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