Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Post AdeptiCon Thoughts - Gaming Trends

I had a great time at Adepticon this year.   I played a lot of different games and did fairly well for myself.   There were a lot of familiar faces from Michigan in the crowd and it was fun to meet other mini wargamers from around the world.   I am still recovering from the trip but I have had time to reflect on the "hobby" in general and wanted to share my thoughts on the current crop of games I play.

When I attended Adepticon in 2013 I had only signed up for two events and a painting class.    This time I registered for five events in different game systems.

Swag Bag Goodies
Warhammer 40k is still the biggest game at Adepticon but I was glad I did not sign up for the team tournament this year.  I did play in a 400 point rotating teammate combat patrol though going 2-1.

My round one teammate's Blood Angels battles some Space Wolves in Combat Patrol
It was fun but I haven't played much "competitive" 40k lately and I do not see that changing anytime soon.

The Necromunda event was cool and we had a lot of FCG representing.    However, the rounds were very short and most of my games did not go past three turns.  I ended up with one win and three draws.

Necromunda by Night Tournament Round One versus Brother Jeramiah
I do like the event format and it is cool to level up your gang throughout the tournament.

I spent some time in the Privateer Press area as well.    I only managed to get in a few Iron Arena games but scored enough points to get a template set.    I would have liked to get a few more games in with my Woldwrath but most of the limited space was fully dedicated to tournaments.

Iron Arena gaming in the Privateer Press area
The one WMH tournament I played in was very fun and surprising competitive.    I managed to rise to the challenge though and only lost one game due to time (Death Clock).

My Senior Pro Tour tournament board

WMH is still my main tournament game athough I plan on winding down the hobby side for a bit while focusing on other skirmish game projects.

The Space Hulk event turned out to be my big surprise "fun" event this time.    I had a blast playing on the 3D terrain.
Giant 3D Space Hulk - Fall of Kagul III

The guys running it did a good job keeping everything moving.   I enjoyed the custom scenario and rules.    The marine team I was on did not accomplish the mission but it was still fun to play.

I found the hidden Inquisitor but our team failed to get him rescued

Some of the terrain in the Infinity area was incredibly inspiring.    I picked up some MDF terrain kits recently and I am really motivated to get a lot of hobby work done for my army.

Infinity terrain board

On Sunday I did play in my scheduled Star Trek Attack Wing tournament.   I managed to go 4-1 and won best general.    It was a nice way to end Adepticon winning a plaque and a giant DS9 model.

I am definitely looking forward to the next Adepticon.   I am already excited about playing Dropzone Commander, Infinity, Malifaux, and other events that I saw.   

Star Wars Imperial Assault demo

I got a chance to play in a demo for Star Wars Imperial Assault.   It was fun and fast and I will definitely be up for trying it again.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. I enjoyed our game even if it was a bit silly. I hear the guy running the combat patrol was a jerk, so glad you enjoyed that as well. My weekend got off to a slow start as tournament warmachine just isn't that fun for me. Playing in the Master's really helped me figure out why that is the case. I did get to play some top players (former GenCon winner and former Iron Arena winner, from what people told me).

    I enjoyed the Iron Arena a lot and will be doing that again next year without a doubt. Running the combat patrol was fun but really limited what I was able to do on Friday unfortunately. I do wish we had the closer to the 35 people that signed up (including day of registrants show up) rather than just the 16. The team tournament was defiantly the highlight for me, I had 2 teammates I had never met before, playing an army I only had played a couple times. Cost my team overall/top heretics with horrible dice but a great time. I would be thinking about next year, but have to get the Michigan GT sorted out first!

  2. The combat patrol games were fun and that one game where your Mantis rhino was the MVP (MVV?) was hilarious. I dunno, some of the 40k crowd just seemed to be in a bad mood or something. I'm glad you started the combat patrol event with the reminder to "have fun". Sorry you didn't have fun in the Masters tourney. The WMH Senior Pro Tour was very fun for me and just the right skill level I was looking for.

  3. Sounds like a great concept and it is good to see everything going along so smoothly with so many different personalities involved - definitely worth the trip!