Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Regiments of Renown Month - Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters Completed

I finished painting up my Nyss Hunters character unit for Regiments of Renown month.    I painted fast to get ready for the Michigan Cup team tournament this past weekend and then spent some time afterwards detailing them.    Our team went 2-2 and I was 2-1 for the day as I had to drop out before round 4.  In the two list Steamroller format I ran the Nyss Hunters in my epic Krueger list and they performed very well.    

The Nyss Hunters are a very popular mercenary/minion unit that end up in many different faction lists.    For my Circle Orboros army, I wanted to add a much needed ranged option to my melee heavy army.    Fortunately, the Nyss Hunters are dual purpose and are quite capable in melee as well.

Last time I posted my work in progress on the challenges of assembling these models.   I stuck with the Privateer Press paint scheme and used dark colors for the "goth" elves of the Iron Kingdoms.

I use P3 paints for airbrushing at first followed by a mix of P3 and GW paints for the details.   For an infantry unit like this I did not spend much time blending but stuck with the tried and true wash/highlight process to get to table top quality painting.

As mentioned I brought the Nyss in one of my two lists for the Michigan Cup tournament.    Most competitive lists at 50 points tend to be more infantry heavy than warbeast/warjacks.

I have gotten a lot better at initial deployment and it has really helped my game lately.    For my first game Saturday I setup in my right flank to take advantage of the forest near the zone to protect my advance.    The Nyss Hunters were sent forward/left to target the enemy objective and harass enemy models in the center zone.    This plan worked well except it took me longer to take down two Colossal Stormwalls in the zone and I lost on tie-breaker/dice down.    Also, I learned eKrueger is not a good selection when going against Cygnar as many units are immune to his lightning.

In my third game I was able to deploy again in some forest for protection while dominating the left zone with my caster.    Krueger and the druids did a good job to keep the left zone uncontested while my Bloodtrackers contested the right zone.    The Nyss did a good job holding the center and battling it out with some Gator minions in this player's Skorne army.    I ended up winning on scenario points at the time limit.

I did find some nice synergy with eKruger and the Nyss Hunters.    His Stormwall spell helps keep them from getting hit with blast damage as he reduces range and can choose scatter direction.    Also, I did use the Druids unit to pull models closer with Force bolt for the hunters to use combined-range-attacks.

The next big event coming up will be the Michigan GT which I will be playing in.    I played 40k in last years GT but decided to play in the Warmachine/Hordes tournament this time instead.    I will have some more highlights (hopefully) from my Circle army soon.    Thanks for reading!

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