Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rejments of Renown Munth: Da Big Mek Adishun

This summer turned out to be very green for Oscar and me as we more than doubled the size of his Ork army.
As most of you know, we started out by building an all bike force with an eye towards Adepticon.  While that list is still a ton of fun, especially because it seems to scare the hell out of everyone who sees it, we wanted to add more options to the collection.

Generally I consult Oscar before making any purchases.  We added 60 Boyz to give us some actual Troop choices.  Oz then chose some Stormboyz with Zagstruk, some Meganobz with Ghazghkull, and a squad each of Lootas and Burnas.  Some Meganobz and additional characters came next.  At that point, the last thing we wanted to add was obvious.  Because both of us have the same obsession with giant robots, we tossed in a Dread Mob.

I started with the Dreads in July/August, then held off on the Kans until September so I had something to paint for the "Regiments of Renown" project.  The paint job is simple, like all my work is.  A layer of Army Painter red primer, some Leadbelcher and gold for the weapons and machine parts, and some yellows, greens, and a dot of turquoise here and there finish all the base coating.  My traditional wash of Agrax Earthshade follows. The whole thing then gets a moderate drybrushing with Leadbelcher to give it a very simple, but effective, weathered look.  For the bases, two layers of XV 88 on the edges keep things looking smooth.  A generous layer of Elmer's glue and a dunk in my sand bucket give the base some texture.  Some randomly placed static grass finished the bases.  Once everything is dry, I seal them with a heavy coat of sealant followed by a lighter layer of dull coat.  There are for a 7 year old, after all.

Of course, as with all the "centerpiece" models in this army, we named everything.  The Dreads are Blaken and Dekka, armed with Skorchas and KMBs, respectively.  The Kans are named after the guys in my favorite trio, Rush.



and Prat.

Although the kit is a VAST improvement from the old metal models, I am still a bit sour that only one of each weapon option is included.  It gives them more character, but I get nit-picky about having all my models WYSIWYG.  I usually run them with Grotzookas or KMBs, depending on what role I need them to fill.

So far, Ozzy has has been having some great success with the new Ork books, especially against me!  I never take it easy on him and he still manages to kick me in the teeth most of the time.  His latest addition to WAAAAGD Defcruncha has been particularly hard to bring down.  He usually parks his Big Mek in a squad of Meganobz and adds one or two Meks.  With "It Will Not Die" from the Grot Riggers and three repair rolls a turn, this can be a NASTY unit to deal with.

I was hoping to have time this month to finish a special project for this month, but with school starting up and life's occasional curve ball, I didn't have nearly the time I had hoped to for hobby stuff.  I did manage to finish a single model as a test.

Up next for me, a Shaltari Expedition Force for Dropzone Commander!  I should have everything painted and some batreps up on the YouTube channel by the end of the month!

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  1. Love me some dreads!

    For grotzooka's, you can easily make some with some old tubes. I used some old cannon barrels and such, clipped them off, and glued on a box with random bitz. Looks pretty much the same!