Thursday, September 25, 2014

Regiments of Renown - Trollbloods Sons of Bragg

My contribution to the Regiments of Renown this month, is the character unit Sons of Bragg for my Trollbloods. Pics and info after the jump!

So first off, I'm the first to admit I didn't challenge myself too hard with my unit choice. But they are a unit, and a character one at that. They, like all other Trollblood fell callers, are renowned for their fighting ability, near-magical sonic attacks and songs, and well, for getting around a whole lot. More importantly, I'm back in teaching mode, planning for the Michigan Cup, and just painted a big old unit of Troll infantry, so doing another big one didn't appeal all that much.

So the Sons of Bragg (SoB, heh) are a small, powerful unit of models that need little to no support, similar to something like the Great Bears of Khador. They're a nice option for a flanking force, for example, when you have a caster with a small control radius (Madrak) or who wants to spend most of their fury themselves (Jarl).

As Fell Callers, they have the ability to sing songs which have magical effects, or in one case, does damage. As a unit, they must all sing the same Fell Call. But they're all great- one gives 4+ Tough, one gives them +2 to hit and damage rolls (amazeballs), and the last can stand them all back up immediately if they've been knocked down (like from a successful Tough roll). They are each a little different in their combat abilities though:

Oh man his eyes look creeper in a pic this big.
Wrathar is the officer and leader, and oldest of the three brothers. All the SoB are weaponmasters, but he carries a Pow12 sword with teach, making him even more dangerous.

Tor has one Pow10 sword, but he has the ability to do a sonic spray attack, and even gets to Assault with it, meaning he can do it as he charges to attack in melee. That's super useful, and can threaten a surprising amount.

Last up is Rhudd. He's the youngest and most brash (naturally), but is considered the best pure swordsman (swordstroll?) of the three brothers. He carries two Pow10 swords, doubling his potential output. All the brothers have a high MAT and RAT, and with so many Trollblood buffs to MAT and damage, they can be very powerful, especially in the late game.

So that's my small, but hopefully interesting, submission for Regiments of Renown, and Thornwood Thursday. Hope you enjoyed, and thanks as always for checking them out!

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