Thursday, December 5, 2013

Food Hammer Premier Table - Arena of Death

Arena of Death - Foodhammer 2013

This event follows the rules outlined in the Warhammer 40k supplement Crusade of Fire mission type Arena of Death. Additional rules specific for the Foodhammer event are listed below.

Character Rules
* Players may choose any independent character from any codex.
* Games will be conducted at 150 points or less.
* No Monstrous creatures
* No accompanying models
* No Bikes, Jet-Bikes or similar upgrades
* There is no instant death in Arena of Death, so keep that in mind when creating characters.
* No special characters
* Wargear that specifically prohibits “free will” like mindshackle scarabs is banned and is not in the spirit of this game.

The Event Rules
* Four players enter, one player leaves. Buy into the game will cost two tickets, winner takes all tickets wagered. If house plays and wins the tickets will carry over to the next match.
* Of the four players, pairings will be created randomly. Those pairings will initially fight each other until a winner is determined. The winners of the first round will then square off with each other keeping their wound pool and played cards in play to determine the overall winner of the event.
* The GM has absolute control over the game and may interrupt if actions not deemed in the spirit of the game are being abused. As always, enjoy and have a good time!
*Gastronomicon Tickets may be used during the game.
* Arena of Death is designed to be a close combat match. Because of this all ranged weapons have a chance of jamming on a roll to hit of a 1 to represent sabotage on behalf of the Arena organizers to encourage close combat. A jammed weapon takes a whole turn to clear.

Arena of Death Notes

A copy of Arena of Death rules will be present at the event. Of note: Facing is important, so be mindful of your facing. Do not alter facing unless a card specifies you to do so.


  1. Where the hell did you find that picture lol

  2. Google search, thought it was sorta relevant.

  3. I think I'll bring a broodlord :P He's an IC but also a sergeant upgrade. He's much better than say, a Warrior Prime.

  4. bring a parasite make an army lol

  5. How did the Independent Characters fare?