Friday, December 6, 2013

The Meat Grinder - Apocalypse Guidelines for Foodhammer

This table will be set up as a jungle mission with a defense line (The Wall of Martyrs) at one side.  It will use the Apocalypse rules with some objectives.  The game is designed for anywhere from two to ten players to participate simultaneously WITH NO BREAK IN THE ACTION!

Think of it as a 40k pick-up game that never ends.  Players can bring their 2,000 point apocalypse army, play the game for an hour, then leave the table and allow a new player to take their spot. Here are some of the rules in greater detail:

  • Each player may bring up to 2,000 points. Please no fortifications or formations for the sake of time. Players can buy back into the game 1,000 points of models for 5 tickets or wait until they’re completely annihilated and bring in 2,000 points for 10 tickets.
  • Apocalypse rules will be in effect.
  • Players will be fighting for control of supply depots stocked with Replicators.
  • Each “Replicator” controlled by a scoring unit at the end of that player’s turn will generate them 1 raffle ticket.  Once a “Replicator” has produced 5 raffle tickets, it becomes inert and is removed from play.  The GM will then randomly insert a new “Replicator” onto the table for players to fight over. 
  • Slaying someone’s warlord gives you one ticket.
  • Finest Hours, Sons of the Primarch, and Divine Intervention work as normal.
  • At the beginning of the day, play will begin with the player who rolls the highest on a d6 and continue clockwise around the table.  The order of play will not change for the rest of the day. 
  • At any time, a player may leave the game, opening up a spot for additional players to join.  They will simply step in with their army when that spot’s turn comes back around, deploy, and act as normal.
  • The gamer master will have the strategic assets deck. Each player can choose one strategic asset from the deck that can be used by their army. Please return the cards when finished.
  • The Wall of Martyrs is treated as a trench (4+ cover). The Fortress of Redemption is simply treated as ruins to keep the game moving.
  • The game master will be the Master of Disaster and rolls on the Exterminatus chart at the start of every turn.

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