Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Foodhammer 2013 Premium Table Rules Part 1

With only a few days to go before Foodhammer, many of you have been asking for more details on the event. 

While the majority of the day our table space is set up for “open gaming”, we will have four "Premium Tables" for players to participate in.  These games will allow players to win extra raffle tickets just for participating!  Each will also feature a Fresh Coast Gaming member as a Game Master, of sorts.  They might be officiating the game or actually participating in them to keep things running smoothly.  Here is the first game on the docket. 

The Space Hulk Raid

This table will be set up using the Space Hulk table several of the FCG guys built a few years ago.  It will use the Zone Mortalis rules from Forge World with a bit of “The Relic” mission thrown in.  The game is designed for anywhere from two to four players to participate simultaneously WITH NO BREAK IN THE ACTION!  Think of it as a 40k pick-up game that never ends.  Players can bring their 400 point Zone Mortalis army, play the game for an hour, then leave the table and allow a new player to take their spot.  Our hope is that everyone who attends gets a chance to play on this.  Here are some of the rules in greater detail:

1.       Each player may bring up to 400 points.
2.       Zone Mortalis rules will be in effect.  All players must use the Combatant Force Organization chart.  Rules can be found here:
3.       Players will be fighting for control over a random number of “Food Replicators” that will be placed randomly around the board by the Game Master.
4.       Each “Replicator” controlled by a scoring unit at the end of that player’s turn will generate them 1 raffle ticket.  Once a “Replicator” has produced 5 raffle tickets, it becomes inert and is removed from play.  The GM will then randomly insert a new “Replicator” onto the table for players to fight over. 
5.       At the beginning of the day, play will begin with the player who rolls the highest on a d6 and continue clockwise around the table.  The order of play will not change for the rest of the day. 
6.       At any time, a player may leave the game, opening up a spot for additional players to join.  They will simply step in with their army when that spot’s turn comes back around, deploy, and act as normal.

Keep in mind, Gastronomicon tickets will be perfectly legal for players to use in these events!  Simply spend them in exactly the same way as in any other game.  Hopefully this leads to all kinds of crazy shenanigans and some very memorable games for everyone involved.  Here is the link to the full Gastronomicon rules:

The goal of the event is to raise as much money for the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan as we possibly can. We also hope that everyone walks away saying they had a blast!

Tune back in tomorrow when Muggins debuts the rules for the “Big Game” tables!  

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