Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tis the Season: Foodhammer/Foodmachine 2013!

It's that time of year again, chummers!  Time to break out your minis and your wallets and help Fresh Coast Gaming feed the wonderful people of Flint and Genesee county at Foodhammer 2013!

For those of you who don't know, each of the past two years, FCG has hosted a charity event to raise money for the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, which supplies meals to needy families throughout the Flint and Genesee county areas.  So far, we have collected nearly $4000 in food and cash in the last two years.  We hope to continue that trend this year.  In the past we have tried tournaments and an open-play points system.  We also started exclusively with Warhammer 40k then added Fantasy last year.  This year, we're flipping the entire system on its head and going bigger than ever before!

The Dates:
To begin with, we wanted to acknowledge how HUGE the Warmachine and Hordes community is in Michigan.  Our recent success with the Michigan Cup convinced us that we MUST add them to the event roster for Foodhammer.  However, due to the limited space available and the headache trying to schedule an event of such a huge magnitude, we decided to split Foodhammer into two events; Foodhammer and Foodmachine!  This allows us to utilize the awesome gaming space at Gamers Sanctuary for maximum effect and it gives those of us who are big fans of both systems a chance to double down on some great gaming!  We set the date for Foodhammer for December 7th and Foodmachine for December 14th.  MAKE ROOM IN YOUR CALENDARS!

The Location:
As in both previous years, Gamers Sanctuary in Flint, MI will be our most gracious hosts.  They have always been there for us in every way we could have imagined.  They are the best FLGS around, in our opinion.  In case you don't have it, here is their address:

Gamers Sanctuary
G4290 Miller Rd
Flint, MI 48507

The Events (Foodmachine):
Foodmachine will be following a well established tournament structure.  It will be using the 2013 Steamroller rules packet, 35 point character restricted, $10 buy-in.  Two lists will be allowed, but not required.  However, if you do bring two lists, you must use them both.  In addition, the Foodmachne rules will be used!  If you aren't familiar with them, essentially they allow you to "cheat" in your games by spending raffle tickets (more about those later) to purchase special effects for your models.  Want to shake an effect on your Jack?  Spend 3 tickets.  Need to re roll that killing blow that missed?  Spend another!  Full details will be coming in the following weeks.

I know it's from last year, but it's too cool not to use!

The Events (Foodhammer)
As for Foodhammer, we're trying something different again.  We all feel that 40k and Fantasy are best played as super fluffy, narrative driven games.  To that end, we've decided to break the tables into three areas.

Open Gaming- These tables will be reserved for open games of 40k and Fantasy.  Players will be encouraged to play against new opponents and at different point limits, but the big idea here is that everyone has fun!  There will be some custom missions available as well as some themed terrain set ups.

Premier Tables - THIS is where the big addition to Foodhammer really can be seen!  We will be hosting four "Premier Events" at the tall tables at the back of the store.  More specific details will follow in the coming weeks, but I can tell you the names of each!

1. The Grand Arena (Single model deathmatches with a Vegas style twist!)
2. Daemon World Incursion (A rotating Apocalypse game.)
3. Raid the Hulk (Combat patrol on a Space Hulk board.)
4. Old World Free-For-All (A Warhammer Fantasy "Triumph and Treachery" table.)

Finally, the Gastronomicon will be making a triumphant return!  Just like in Foodmachine, players can spend raffle tickets to "cheat" within the game.  Buying re rolls and Universal Special Rules for your models is only the beginning!

The Raffle:
Each event will have a $20 entry fee.  Not only will 100% of every dollar collected from these go towards the Food Bank, players will also earn a raffle ticket for every dollar spent.  Players will also get raffle tickets for every dollar they spend on the Foodmachine and Gastronomicon "cheats".  Just keep one half of the ticket for yourself to use in your games and put the other in your chosen Raffle Bin to win some sweet prizes.  Each of the Premier Events will have their own rules for winning extra tickets, as will the open gaming tables.  Everyone should end up with fist fulls of tickets by the end of the day!

Our Sponsors:
Speaking of prizes, we have managed to amass quite a list of sponsors this year!  Here is a quick rundown:
Gamers Sanctuary (of course)
KR Multicase
Secret Weapon Miniatures
Privateer Press
Greenman Designs
Chessex Dice
Hawk Wargames
Mantic Games
Palladuim Books
Spikey Bitz
Blue Table Painting
 Brush 4 Hire Studios
Goatboy and Darkwyn (From Bell of Lost Souls)
Eldar Corsair

Plus many individual donors from the local community!  If you have some extra wargaming stuff lying around and want to see it go to a good home, let us know!  We'll keep collecting donations until the day of the event.  Finally, goodie bags are being set up for EVERY participant, including the sweet custom cut dice seen above from Chessex!  We hope to see everyone walk away from BOTH events with some awesome swag!

The Demos:
Because we believe in creating well-rounded gamers, we will be hosting several demos throughout the day.  Ever wanted to learn to play Dreadball or Dropzone Commander?  We'll have tables set up for both?  40k players want to try Warmachine and vice versa?  We'll hook you up!  In addition, if you take in one of the demos, you can earn free raffle tickets!

There is SOO much more information to come!  Next week, I'll give you more details about the Premier events at Foodhamer.  Some of them have us FREAKING OUT with how cool they are!  See you in December!


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