Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dreadlord Adamian's Host vs. Beastlord Mughoof's Horde


Location: Gamers Sanctuary
Date played: Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Adam and I got in a sweet game of Warhammer Fantasy to test out his new Dark Elf Army Book. Report follows:

Dreadlord Adamian's Host

  • Lord
  • D1 Dreadlord
  • SS Supreme Sorceress
  • Hero
  • DHBSB 2 Death Hag (Battle Standard Bearer)
    + Cauldron of Blood
  • Core
  • D2 20 Darkshards
    + Musician
  • D3 20 Dreadspears
    + Lordling, Musician, Standard
  • WE 18 Witch Elves
    + Hag, Musician, Standard
  • Special
  • BGoN 20 Black Guard of Naggarond
    + Tower Master, Musician, Standard
  • COK 5 Cold One Knights
    + Dread Knight, Musician, Standard
  • WH1 War Hydra
  • WH2 War Hydra

Beastlord Mughoof's Horde

  • Lord
  • B Beastlord
  • GBS Great Bray-Shaman
  • Hero
  • WBSB Wargor (Battle Standard Bearer)
  • BS1 Bray-Shaman
  • BS2 Bray-Shaman
  • Core
  • GH 40 Gor Herd
    + Foe-Render, Musician, Standard
  • TC Tuskgor Chariot
  • UH 40 Ungor Herd
    + Halfhorn, Musician, Standard
  • Special
  • BH 32 Bestigor Herd
    + Gouge-Horn, Musician, Standard
  • M 6 Minotaurs
    + Musician
  • Core
  • UR 7 Ungor Raiders


Turn 1 - Beastlord Mughoof's Horde

Minotaurs marched forward 10 inches, same with Ungor Herd, Gor Herd, and Bestigor Herd. Chariot moved up on flank. Bray Shamans 1 and 2 attempted Wyssan's Wildform on Gor Herd and got it off, +1 S and T.

Turn 1 - Dreadlord Adamian's Host

Darkshards move and shoot down a few Bestigors. Word of Pain is cast on Minotaurs to lower their stats.

Turn 2 - Beastlord Mughoof's Horde

Chariot moves up on the left to flank, the gor herd charges into the black guard, and the minotaurs charge the witch elves. The Gor herd has Wyssan's Wildform again - +1s and +1t. This helps to cut down black guard with strength 5 from the standard's + 1s.

Turn 2 - Dreadlord Adamian's Host

The minotaurs break the witch elves and chase after them. The dreadspears turn to face the minotaurs. The cold one knights fail a stupidity check. The hydras charge into combat. The Black guard do more damage but take more as well.

Turn 3 - Beastlord Mughoof's Horde

Top of Turn 3 - the Minotaurs reform, waiting for a charge. The Ungor herd broke and ran after the shaman lord hit an irresistable force on two dice casting and killed a bunch of dudes. The gors beat up on the dreadlord but didn't do enough as he had a 2+ save. The hydra and bestigor battled it out. The chariot charged the Darkshards but died from stand and shoot.

Turn 3 - Dreadlord Adamian's Host

Darkshards turn to fire at the bestigors when possible. The hydra died to the Bestigor herd (strength 6 hurts) and the other hydra ran down the ungor herd. The dreadspears and Cauldron of Blood charged the Minotaurs after the Sorceress flung some spells around - power of darkness is pretty nice for +1 strength on toughness 4 minotaurs. The Cold One Knights again failed a stupidity check and put themselves out of the battle.

Turn 4 - Beastlord Mughoof's Horde

The minotaurs died fast and the spears and cauldron reformed to face my army. The Bestigor herd charged the Darkshards and butchered them pretty badly. The ungor herd aimed for the hydra and didn't wound it. Not much else happened.

Turn 4 - Dreadlord Adamian's Host

We called the game at the end of turn four because it was a bit of a mess and it was time to take off. The dreadlord held out. The sorceress and spears moved over to try to sling some spells at the bestigors but didn't do anything. Game over, quite a slaughter on both sides!


  1. Good game though I feel I am a victim of the classic GW switcheroo. The new book seems to have invalidated my old army build to encourage me to buy the new stuff....

    1. I wouldn't say invalidated. The Hydra crutch is just a peg leg now. You can still use them, but they require support.