Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Warmachine Weekend: A Warcaster's Wondering

Blogger Geneguard and I will be at Warmachine Weekend... this weekend. I've been looking forward to this event all year as a culmination of my attempts to get better at the game. I've put countless hours into my Skorne painting and brought about a new army from this time last year. I'm super pumped.

I plan on trying out some of these events:

Youngblood Casual Tournament

Point Size: 35 Points
First Round Start Time: Noon Friday, November 15th

This one is for the new players in the community. Come out and enjoy the laid back format of no timed turns and longer round lengths.

2nd List Optional
Players must bring at least 1 army list and may bring a 2nd but are not required to play both army lists during the event.

Casual Round Length
Use the baseline round length of the event with the next higher point size.

No Timed Turns
Turns are untimed. A turn continues until the player has completed their activations.

2nd List Optional

Single Scenario
The listed scenario that will be played at the event is revealed to all players prior to the event.

Who's the Boss Tournament

Point Size: No Caster, 35 Points + 5 Warjack/Warbeast Points Legal List
First Round Start Time: 9AM Saturday, November 16th

One List, Random Casters, Massive Amount of Fun!

Note: This is a 64 Person Maximum Tournament so arrive early to get a place.

Who's the Boss Official Rules PDF

Who's the Boss Official Player Sheet PDF

1 List Only
Players must bring exactly 1 army list.

Restricted Models
Players do not bring a caster. Casters will be provided.

I'm sure once we get there I'll find more stuff to do including IKRPG and developer panels. Stay tuned for more photos and reports from Warmachine Weekend!

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  1. awesome, good luck you two. i'm hopefully getting in my first game of warmachine next week.