Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Heroes of the Imperium: Star Phantoms Chapter Master

As many things are in this club, my involvement in this project was inspired by Muggins and his "Plastic-Crack Pusher" ways.

Sunday morning at Adepticon was interesting.  We had gone 2-4 on day one in the Team Tournament, getting our hats handed to us easily in both the second and third rounds.  We were looking forward to some time at the low tables to get our spirits up.  We happened to draw a quartet of college guys with some beautifully painted and converted Marines.  Afterwords, while we were reveling in our relatively easy victories, Muggins convinced Jeremy to go back to the vendor room and pick up the "Sanguinius" model from Scibor Miniatures he was drooling over.  Mike had already picked up a Captain on a bike model and was gleefully tinkering with it on the game table.  You see, that's how he gets you!  His childlike delight at ALL things gaming related is infectious!  It can be hard on the wallet to keep up with his form of Brinksmanship, but I had been looking at Scibor myself for quite some time for a centerpiece model for my Star Phantoms and knew what I had to do...

Because the fluff of the Star Phantoms in IA 10 does not name their current Chapter Master, it left me free to  develop my own.  I plan to use the rules for the Minotaur's Lord Asterion Moloc, the ultimate self-loathing Marine!  He swaps Chapter Tactics for Preferred Enemy; Space Marines!  Armed with a special Relic Blade and a Storm Shield, this model makes a great substitute.  Plus HE'S HUGE!  Nearly twice the size of a normal marine!  To me, this is a great scale for a Chapter Master or Primarch.

Stay tuned for my "quick and dirty" paint job!


  1. I have one of those models that I use as Draigo.

    I also have one that works good as Coteaz, but I can't find the picture atm.

  2. That is such a damn good looking model.

  3. We need a photo of it next to a basic Space Marine!