Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trollblood and Minions painting update

Once again I've painted some of  my beloved Trollbloods, along with some bonus Cryx and Minions stuff. Pics after the jump!

Up first I have Epic Madrak Ironhide, World Ender. This is the second incarnation of the Trollblood leader. In the story, he's continued his quest to save his people, but his cursed axe Rathrok causes him to rage out and become super dangerous to everyone including his friends. In game, Madrak is even harder to kill than his Prime version. If he takes damage, warrior models close by wind up taking it and dying instead. Surrounded by chumps, and backed up by decent defense and impressive armor, he becomes almost impossible to kill. eMadrak loves his infantry, and has the spells and feat to show it. Blood Fury gives a unit an additional die of damage for a defense debuff (amazing and well worth the defense hit). His feat allows his army to immediately do mini-thresher attacks, hitting all engaged enemy models with a melee attack. Or,they can make one ranged attack. Great stuff! Madrak himself is a beast in melee. Every time he destroys an enemy model, he gains one fury. He also can spend a fury to move 1". Combine those two, and he can mow through infantry.

I used a new technique for the skin, courtesy a super awesome painter on the SA forums.I didn't do nearly as well, but I still like it much more than other attempts.

His axe is awakening, and its curse taking hold of him, so I did it up in Cryx-ish colors. Turns out there's an interesting connection there for devoted fluff people to find!

Next up are my Minions models, Lanyssa Ryssyl and a Croak Hunter.

Lanyssa is a cool utility spellcaster solo that really hates Legion. She has abilities to shut down their special rules. Otherwise she has some other utility effects like marking a target to make your stuff charge from farther away and without spending fury/focus. She'll work for my Trollbloods. She makes an interesting threat range increaser in lists for eDoomshaper, for example.

Nyss are all about winter and snow, so I went with a very cool toned blue scheme for her, compared to the warm earth  tones on the studio model. I did her skin the same way as my Nyss hunters, with some basic highlights on top. The armor is a deep bluish black, and a slightly more vibrant blue is on the cloak. I put some contrasty warm yellow gold on there which I think really pops. For something I intentionally painted super quick, I am really happy with this model. I think it looks super good in person (especially since blues are challenging to photograph.)

Speaking of blues, I did a Croak Hunter. These guys are basic two point combat solos with some rules to help them get there and do damage. I don't see myself using them much but it's a neat model.

I painted this guy to vaguely resemble the dendrobates azureus dart frog:

Unfortunately it's difficult to see the spots I painted on, but you might see them on his shoulder blades or the back of his arm. This was another quick job that came out nicer than I anticipated. I continue to really like how the swamp bases come out. That's good, considering what a pain in the arse they are to do. I plan to do two more Croak Hunters (they're FA 3, and gain bonuses when attacking together). One I'll do in a red scheme. The other will be in a more standard green or a yellow. I haven't decided yet. I also converted one to at least have a different pose on the spear arm.

Last but not least is my Cryx Skarlock Thrall. This is a utility solo, and like most Cryx stuff it is bananas good. It can cast  most of its caster's spells for free. That means it increases focus efficiency, allows for cycling of buffs, or even double applications of expensive spells like pDeneghra's Ghost Walk. Super awesome for two points!

I kept to the scheme I started with my Cryx battleforce box, so muted greens and bone colors dominate, with bright green glowy bits and OSL. I like how the OSL came out here, especially on the cloak area and the soul cage things (best seen in picture two). Still have yet to play a game with the Cryx but hope to soon.

Thanks as always for looking!


  1. Great paintjobs. I love the paint on Madrak but not a super fan of the pose of the model (realizing you don't have control).

    I didn't think you liked OSL :D

    1. Thanks man. Like a lot of PP stuff, I think eMadrak looks better in person.

      I'm cool with OSL, just never wanted to be bothered with it. Now that I've found how to do it easily, I will definitely use it more often. It makes a nice contrast with the earthy color scheme for my Cryx.