Monday, June 17, 2013

Heroes of the Imperium - Sanguinius

For Fresh Coast Gaming's Heroes of the Imperium Month I am painting a Rene's Miniature Archangel Model after Sanguinius. Muggins found this model for me at Adepticon and knowing my love of all things Blood Angels picked it up.

More after the Break!

Here is the actual model. Its a Rene's Miniature sold by Scribor miniature. Its labeled Archangel, but its clearly obvious that it was intended to be Sanguinius. From the Blood Thirsters head to the fur mantle everything screams Primarch of the Blood Angels.

I've of course had to make some adjustments to it. More of that to follow when I post the after-painting pictures. But for starters, I had to put his Halo behind his head. I also removed any non Blood Angel Iconography. 

I plan on painting him as close to any photos I may find on Sanguinius, and that includes all the Gems and the Leopard fur. My ultimate plan is to use as a counts-as Dante in the Sanguinary Guard Army.

Stay tuned for the final photos!


  1. I'd run it as the Sanguinor, personally. It IS supposedly the reincarnation of Sanguinius, after all. Regardless, it is an imposing model!

    1. I have that model, painted it up real nice and never used it once. I do however use Dante all the time with my Nipple Wing, plus having the Sanguinary Guard around Sanguinious would make an instant 30k Horus Heresy list.

    2. I just don't think Dante is bad-ass enough.

    3. Can't have Nipple-wing without Dante!

  2. I can't wait until Forgeworld does Sanguinius. Their model may not end up being as cool as that one however.

    This one would be a great Sanguinor or even Sanguinius too!