Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heroes of the Imperium Month: Star Phantoms Master Az'kar

Just before my paint table was inundated by Wraith units and my new Tohaa collection for Infinity, I managed to finish my Star Phantom Chapter Master.
Because the Star Phantoms are a chapter shrouded in mystery and secrecy, I had plenty of room to improvise on the model choice and rules I want to use for him.  First, lets look at the finished model.

As usual, I used my lazy "quick and dirty" method for painting this incredible model from Scibor Miniatures.  Starting with a basic Rustoleum white primer, I painted the metallic areas with some Leadbelcher then some gold over that, where needed.  You can change the hue of gold paint drastically by changing the color you use as its base.  I love to use the old Mephiston Red as an accent color for my Marines as it creates a striking contrast with the metallic and white base.  A few spots of green and flesh for the head (I HATE painting skin tones!), and the model was done.  Deneb Stone and some green for the leaves, and the base was finished as well.  I then washed the model in slightly thinned Nulin Oil and the base in Agrax Earthshade (My go-to wash).  Some gummy old Hawk Turquoise drybrush on the Relic Blade and a few red highlights and I'm done.

The total work time for this model was only a few hours, including drying time.  Remember, my style is all about getting models on the table, not winning contests.  NOTHING I do is difficult or time consuming.  Both of those are necessary when juggling work, gaming, the wife, and two kids.

As for the rules, I mentioned in my first post that I want to run him as the Minotaur's Chapter Master.  That hasn't changed.  I love the idea of a chapter with the mission of hunting down and destroying renegade chapters.  The rest of his rules are excellent as well.  Of course, with Space Marines getting a new book in September, that could very likely change.

Be sure to check back later this week when I have all my new Eldar additions finished.  I'll be trying some new techniques of my Tohaa as well.  It should still fit within my style, but with some subtle variations.


  1. That's a great looking model and nicely painted. It almost looks like a Chaos Icon on the shield though.

  2. They're lightning bolts, you heretic!

  3. Very nice; some of your best work yet.

  4. Looking great! I've never seen that figure!

  5. What color did you use for the skin?