Wednesday, July 3, 2013

40k Hobby - Broadside Battlesuit

I finished up my second new Tau kit this week, the updated XV88 Broadside Battlesuit.   The Broadside Battlesuit was a staple of the 4th edition Codex.  I think most 40k players that played against Tau were familiar with it as it was considered the best unit in the old Codex.   The new version in the 6th edition changed the familiar railgun with a heavy rail rifle which is less reliable in an anti-tank role.   However, the variant weapon system is quite capable of putting out a lot of missile shots and will probably been the default version most Tau players will use for now.

I remember the broadside from the Dawn of War computer game.   Clicking on him always triggered a deep voiced response,"Where do you need firepower?"

Original inspiration for my Vior'la Sept paint scheme
Like the Riptide, the new kit was fun to build and paint up.   I was unable to pose the legs like I did for the Riptide, but the base pose is very dynamic.   Kind of unusual for a static fire support unit.

Magnetizing the arms was a little bit challenging for this model but not impossible.   Most of my old XV8 battlesuits still have magnetized weapons and I like keeping options open for list building variation.

The "Missileside" variant will get the most playing time.   I recently got my butt kicked by a Daemons list that had lots of flying MCs.   I plan on running a few Missilesides with velocity trackers for anti-air.   Attaching my commander to the unit with the Puretide chip will give me Monster Hunter which should help.

I still need a reliable way to get skyfire markerlights so I can get rid of those annoying Shrouding cover saves that seems to be popular with those heavy flying MC lists.

I have another one on order.   I think running three broadsides each with two missile drones will be an awesome unit to field.

I still have plenty of the old broadsides that are still an option as well.   The lower strength HRR might still be a good option again with a Commander attached to give Tank Hunter.

New and Old School
It is still strange to me that Tau's main anti-tank guns are now in the Elite slot where the Heavy slot seems more geared towards anti-infantry or anti-flier.

I also have the new Commander model ordered.   For now, Commaner R'alai fills in the obligatory battlesuit poster shot.  Look for my ever-growing Tau collection on the table in some upcoming video Battle Reports on our YouTube channel.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I've always loved Tau for their battlesuits and you do a great job putting them together and painting them up.

    I was just about to start getting Tau models when they announced the new Eldar 'dex. Kind of makes me sad they came out back to back.

  2. Awesome job on the models!

    Please add a few closeups of your magnet installation!