Sunday, June 30, 2013

Heroes of the Imperium - Pellas Mir'San and Salamanders Command Squad

The month for Heroes of the Imperium has come and is now nearly gone. While it seems many of the Emperor's heroes remain on campaign, and unable to join in the fun here, the Salamanders of the XVIII legion fought until the bitter end and managed to complete their task. (Translation: I finished at nearly the last minute.) Pictures after the jump!

I definitely did not build this command squad for serious competitiveness. Instead, I wanted a bunch of cool, characterful models in awesome MkIV armor. Up first we have Captain Pellas Mir'san leading the bunch:

He wields dual power swords, so I tried to paint them in complementary colors. His combi-flamer is maglocked to his side, ready to be used to burn xenos or heretics when needed.

First for the support staff is the Apothecary:

Salamander apothecaries, like librarians, typically don't follow the true codex scheme. In the old Index Astartes series, Salamander apothecaries were described as mostly keeping green armor, and having one arm painted in red, to represent the blood of the fallen. (The head was half red on the same side as the arm but I didn't care for that look.) I followed that look, painting the narthecium arm in red though it's admittedly tough to see from this angle. I put lots of battle damage on this guy since he would be in the thick of things. Also some blood splatter on his tabard, because he probably doesn't work super cleanly on the field of battle!

Next I have a veteran brother with bolter:

I feel like every command squad should have a cool badass dude who wrecks stuff with his bolter. This guy fit the bill pretty well. I used the right arm+cloak piece from the Mk4 captain model since Mir'San couldn't use it.

Up next is the melta marine:

It wouldn't be a Salamanders command squad without some kind of melta weaponry. (Actually I originally wanted a flamer for this dude, and got one from friend of the site Valace. I managed to lose it within an hour, on the way home. Arghhh.)

Next is my Company Champion. He can either do a counts-as power weapon with the hammer, or I can run him as a generic TH/SS dude. Or for chill games for funsies I'll make him a Company Champ with hammer. Not like it's game breaking to do that, especially with no twin-link from Vulkan.

Last but not least is the Standard Bearer. I've done very few banners for my Salamanders, so this was intimidating. I think it came out ok though maybe a little bare. I can justify it with old old Salamanders fluff, which said while their banners looked plain, they in fact looked awesome...if you could see in the infrared spectrum that is.

So that is it for my command squad. Can't say I recommend coming back to an army after a year by going and doing a project like this to start But it was challenging but fun.

Thanks as always for checking out my stuff!


  1. They look awesome! Of course, they'd look better on the table! I'll have my finished Commander up tomorrow.

  2. As always very nice stuff. Maybe this weekend we can use your setup for photographing mine.

  3. Looks great! I would have liked to seen a close up of the FW apothecary, that is a sweet model.

    I wonder of Salamanders will get their own supplement codex when the new Space Marine codex comes out ...

    1. Thanks man. Can't believe I didn't notice the missing apothecary! I guess I deleted it during editing and didn't notice. Now added.