Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cryx Battlebox Painted

Our gaming HQ, Gamers Sanctuary, recently held a battlegroup challenge. Over the course of several weeks, participants built and painted a Warmachine or Hordes battlegroup. We got sweet deals on tokens and the army book for our faction, and some will win some sweet bonus prizes provided by Privateer Press!

Once I saw the sweet prize support, I knew I had to get in on this. I decided to go with Cryx because I didn't currently have a Warmachine army, only Hordes. I also wanted something that played very differently from Trolls or Gators. A glass cannon, spell-slinging arc node and debuffing army certainly fits the bill there.

Up first is my caster, Warwitch Deneghra. This lady is an amazing caster, with awesome debuff spells and one of the best feats in the game. She wants to hang in the back, away from any threats, and let her army and arc nodes do the work. She relies on her high defense and Stealth to avoid harm.

Here's my heavy jack, the Slayer. They're a cheap melee beater jack. People rate them pretty poorly, as they are mediocre in melee and die to a stiff breeze. I plan to proxy mine as some of the other heavies, particularly Nightmare and Deathjack.

Finally, here are my light jacks. These are pretty uniquely Cryx in fashion- super cheap, high defense and speed jacks with arc nodes for their caster to cast spells through.There are two Deathrippers and one Defiler. The Deathrippers have a basic, low power melee attack. The Defiler costs one more point, but has the ability to use a spray ranged attack. These dudes are all about getting spells to wherever you want them, and at 4-5 points should be expected to die.

The battlegroup challenge required us to paint our stuff at the store, one night a week. I could only make it later in the evening, cutting my painting time super short. So I developed a paint scheme that was quick and easy to execute, but didn't look too bad aesthetically. Friend of the site PaintVagrant encouraged me to try some OSL glowing effects on Deneghra. I've mostly avoided doing those, as I haven't had much success with it. But I gave it a whirl and was pleasantly surprised. So I went ahead and did all my jacks with OSL as well. I'm looking forward to giving this army a whirl (because of course I had to pick up some additional Cryx stuff...right?)

As always, thanks for checking out my work!


  1. Cryx is a pretty cool faction. With my battlebox I picked up a Necrotech and a scrap thrall, as well as a Skarlock Thrall and some Mechanithralls so I could play around with some 15 point lists. Cryx infantry is a viable thing, so Bane Thralls are eventually going to make their way into some of my armies. Once I get some games in with Asphyxious and Deneghra, I'm going to try the Goreshade Bane-a-palooza tier lists.

    Painting Cryx is like doing three different armies when you add units - the horned priate ladies paint differently than the Bane base warjacks, and the 'ghostly' units like pistol wraiths require a whole different approach. This paint scheme kind of reminds me of the variant Nurgle Death Guard scheme. Nice work! You'll have to show me how you do the 'glowy green' my stuff just uses simple highlighting.

  2. They look fantastic! Cryx is a fun faction with loads of great models. Sounds like you are going the same caster route I took when I started Cryx.

    Bane Thralls (Stealth), Bane Knights (ignore terrain) and Mechanithralls (require Brute thrall(s) and Necrosurgeon for best effect) are fun, but you end up with so many bodies and activations that you're against the wall to finish before the clock runs out. I ended up with Mortenebra as my go-to caster for tournaments; Less models to move against the Death Clock!

  3. Please put together a "how-to" for the green glow, or give us a link to the site you used!

    1. I basically worked off the basic principles explained here:

      Essentially, put down a basecoat color, then start layering it with the basecoat mixed with increasing amounts of Menoth White Highlight. Then drybrush surrounding areas with your basecoat color, or paint thin layers if drybrushing is not feasible.

      In the case of this Cryx glow, I started with a base of GW Snot Green (now Warpstone Glow), then mostly covered that with GW Moot Green, That all got a wash of the GW Biel-Tan Green. Then in increasingly smaller areas, I started with Moot Green again then layered up, adding some MWH each time. The last layer was MWH with just a dot of Moot Green. Then I drybrushed or painted Moot Green around the glowing area.

      I know you prefer P3 paints (as I often do, but I already had the GW), so you could use Necrotite Green as your base and drybrush color, still mixing in MWH. If you want that shade color, I'd replace Snot Green with Iosan Green, maybe with a bit of Gnarls Green mixed in.

      Next time I paint some Cryx with glowy bits, I'll try to remember to take some pictures.