Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fresh Coast Dreadball League (FDL) – Week 4 Wrap-Up and Week 5 Pre-Game Report

Week 4 of the Fresh Coast Dreadball League season 1 came to a close last week, taking us past the halfway point of the 7 game season.  In week 3, only 4 of the 7 teams faced off on the pitch, due to one game being rained out at Adepticon.  The three matches that did go down at Gamers Sanctuary this week were wild and even included two 7 point blow-outs.

The Hilltop Saviors faced off against the other Dwarf team, the Rolling Boulders.  The pair of Boulders' rank 3 Guards proved too much for the Saviors, as they lost one of their Jacks to a brutal attack from the duo.  Nothing could be done to stop the Boulder rampage, as they crushed their opponent in a 7 point route that ended after the 13th rush.  The losers did make a valiant attempt late in the game to pick up the ball, make a pass, run in for a four point strike, but failing on the last roll after expending 3 coaching die in the process.  Boulders win 7+.
On the neighboring pitch, it was another punishing match as the Ratafella Crew fell to the Khafta Overload before halftime.  The 4+ skill Khafta Goblin Striker John Legbiter led the team with two 4 point strikes in back-to-back rushes, ending the game pre-maturely.  Future opponents would be wise to watch for this wily player.  Khafta wins 7+.
Finally, the night game of week 4 was between the Goblins & Orx of Da Wolverines! and the humans of the B.B. Kings.  This match was marred by a missed call early in the game after MVP Wildcard executed an illegal Running Interference move on one of the Goblins moving in for a four point strike, resulting in a critical missed attempt.  The score doesn’t accurately reflect how close the match actually was and it could’ve gone either way.  Mistakes can be made and both coaches were happy with the results.  B.B. Kings win 4+.

Week 5 will see the top ranked team, the Boulders, face off against the bottom ranked team, Skulz Crushers.  This disparate match up will provide the Crushers with a huge 34mc underdog bonus.  The league rumor mill has them utilizing that extra cash to hire a couple of Dreadball brutes, Buzzcut and the Enforcer.  We here at the FDL press box think that’s the Crushers approach to dealing with the double threat of rank 3 Guards, Rob Steelbender and Adam Stonegrinder.  Their 23mc value is a major contributing factor to the Boulders’ number 1 ranking.
The other week 5 match played out at Gamers Sanctuary today will be between the Kings and up-and-coming Khafta Overload, with the latter receiving a solid 8mc underdog bonus.  Good luck to all four teams!
Bonus coverage: Ratafella Crew and Hilltop Saviors played out their week 5 game early on Sunday, resulting in a sudden death win for the Crew.  The match swung back and forth throughout the game, with the Saviors tying things up in rush 12.  However, he couldn’t get his slow-moving Strikers up to the ball before a Goblin sauntered in for a 1 point strike to end it for the Forge Father team.  Ratafella wins +3.

FDL game day is every Wednesday, starting at 530pm at Gamers Sanctuary in Flint. If you’re interested in a demo, or just want to be a spectator, stop on in and say hi! As always, stay up to date on league happenings at See you next week!


  1. Had an epic game with Taco last night. I tried knocking his dudes out to lower his rankings, but they just wouldn't die! At one point he had only one dwarf on the board and the rest all in the sin bin!

    In the end, I won the game but he scored more XP for his guys and ultimately I think that is what is going to win the league!

  2. Valiant effort! Taco's rank 4 Guard with Grizzled, Can't Feel a Thing, Keeper, AND Steady is going to be a B!tc#. He has a bye this week 6 gameday, so the last chance Taco has is going to be against Ratafella Crew in the final regulation game in week 7. We're all still in it, even the folks at the bottom are only 10mc from a playoff berth.

  3. Taco's kid taught me a sneaky trick last night to deal with overpowered guards using a Striker.