Monday, April 22, 2013

Team Tournament - Game Five.

Our last game of Adepticon completing 15 full hours of 40k game play saw once again Josh and Jeremy teamed up and Adam and Mike competing against what I think was the only all Tyranid force at Adepticon.

I must say I enjoyed this game the most. Our opponents were individuals that anyone would want in their gaming club. It was a laid back game full of surprises!

Since it was more of a fun game then a competitive (Still was competitive, after all it was Adepticon) Josh picked his Warboss as our Warlord. Josh's Warboss had only survived one of the previous four games at this point.

The game was pretty fun, as we saw our opponants deep striking a lot of Gaunts and Monstrous creatures.

This photo was really an epic event. Both Sides Outflanked with Josh's Bikers coming in second. Josh's shooting didn't kill big mama, and the next turn she plopped out 11 disgusting crotch fruit. It was an epic battle, but in the end Josh's Warboss was Victorious. If you look in the background, there was another baby mama which suffered the wrath of Bikers the following turn.

Josh and I ended up winning by one point getting Slay the Warlord and First Blood. It was a fun game and a great way to end the Tournament and thank god there were no Hell Turkeys.

Stay tuned for a compilation of pictures from Adepticon!

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  1. Keep up the good work. I loved your weekly battle force build and paint idea and suggested it to my home shop. Hopefully we can keep in contact till next year.