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Adepticon 2013 - One More Wrap Up

Whew, what a fun weekend!   At times it looked like Adepticon was a drinking convention where minis games broke out.  It was a great experience and I was amazed at how well a big event like that was run.   I got to all of my scheduled events and had just the right amount of time to soak in the experience (and spend some $$$ in the vendor hall).   I had purchased the VIG (Very Important Gamer) package which included a bit more stuff in the swag bag including the 2013 Adepticon t-shirt and mug.   I also bought a set of the Adepticon dice. Lots of pictures after the jump.

The swag bag had tons of goodies, free miniatures, paints, and coupons for the vendors hall.   I bought the board game "Relic" since I really enjoyed playing a demo of it last week.   I also got a bargain on some Tau gun drones out of a bitz bin since they are the best updated drone in the new Codex.

Lots of gaming goodness
Day 1
The main gaming hall was a bit crowded and loud and sometimes it was difficult to talk with people opposite the table.  I played my Delaque Gang in the Necromunda by Night tournament and it was a lot of fun.   It had been awhile since I had played and was concerned about remembering the rules.   As it turns out, it was a pretty casual event and the group playing were all friendly.   The missions were a bit on the complicated side but once we got it going it all worked out.   The tables were varied and the terrain was well done.

The first game had somewhat random placement of your gang members and a neutral, mutated creature that could spawn and attack either side.

I got really lucky going first and my first guy spotted the creature.   I got to place it within 4" and in between three of my opponents gang members below me.  It tied up 3 out of his 10 guys all game.

I pretty much setup a fire base in the center of the board and gunned down opposing gang members before they could shoot back.

I must have used up all my luck in the first game because the second went terribly.   My opponent got hot dice and continuously picked off lots of my long range guys in cover.

Not much went right for me this game, but my opponent was a good sport while he crushed me.

I didn't get any pictures of the next two games.   Both were good fun firefights that came down to a few dice rolls.   I ended up going 2-2 and won the Nightrider painting prize.  Mike ended up going 4-0 and took 1st place.   I think only the Bills winning the Super Bowl would make him happier than that moment.

Day 2
The first scheduled event I had on Friday was the Zone Mortalis boarding action tournament.   I had read the rules but had never played it before.  Much like the Necromunda event, this was a casual tournament with more "hobby" gamers than competitive types.  Since Space Hulk was the reason I started my Blood Angels, it seemed appropriate that I brought them for this event.

I got lucky getting winning the roll off and choose being the defender.   I got to place the objective markers and hold out against a shooty Chaos Marine force.   I had to place them in 3 different quarters and just needed to hold two at the end of the game.   I was really glad I brought a dreadnought with a plasma cannon as it got to move and fire in the tight hallways with the "shred" special rule from it's blast weapon per the Zone Mortalis rules.

My terminators died to plasma and mass bolter fire and my opponent got first blood.   Then he successfully deep struck his Chaos Lord and Termintors on my right flank.   I knew I had to capture and hold two objectives to win.   On the last turn my Librarian and a combat squad of tactical marines successfully charged and killed off his marines holding the top objective on the final turn.   What a close and fun game!

My next opponent was also playing Chaos Marines and they were amazingly well painted.   He brought Typhus, some plague marines and a Hellbrute.

My opponent admitted before the game that he had not played much 6th edition so I had to help him a lot with the rules.   He really played too defense for the scenario mission and spread his small forces out too much.   He was a good sport and easily won the painting prize with his custom Nurgle themed army.

I went 2-0 for the tournament but didn't score max points.   It was only a two round tournament but it was a fun casual event and I would gladly do that again.

I did get some Warmachine games in the Iron Arena.   Privateer Press had their own room setup for their events.   It was really cramped in there and probably needs a larger hall next year.   I played my Retribution of Scyrah in a few pick up games during the weekend.

The highlight of the Iron Arena were getting to play on some of the custom tables.  I got a lot of compliments on my painted Retribution army.   I even got some comments from people that had seen pictures of my LED Hyperion colossal on the forums.

I didn't fair so well in my games, but it was against my two nemesis armies, Legion and Cryx...

Later in the day Mike and I attended a Secret Weapon Miniatures "hands on weathering" class.   It was run by Mister Justin of SWM who went way far into details on weathering powders.   As an engineer I could appreciate the level of professional work he has put into his products, but as a hobbyist it was a bit over my head.

We did get to work on some layering techniques using the powders on a based that was just prime coated.   It definitely was a good learning experience and I plan on upping my weathering techniques in the future.

Day 3-4
The previous blog posts highlight the 2-day 40k Team Tournament.  I had a lot of fun and I think we represented our club well for our first time there.   It was an amazing event to play in just to see how much people really enjoy this hobby.   I have a few pictures from the days showing some highlights.

My Army on the display table
My favorite game of the tournament against a beautiful army and fun opponents
Awesome display board by an all Dark Eldar Team - Pregame liquor shots were made to match their combat drug rolls
We definitely needed more practice games against Codex: Heldrake
I was surprised in some games by how many people got basic 6th edition rules wrong :  Rapid Fire at Full Range?
Thats a lot of Forge World Terminators
And more Pre Heresy Forge World for his Teammate - And weapon effects!
Blue Space Dinosaurs versus...
my Red Space Dinosaur ally
Meanwhile, the Swarmlord, Doom of Malan'tai, and a Mawloc snack on some Tau
It was a bitter sweet end to the tournament for me.   It feels weird retiring my 4th edition Tau Codex now.   I stuck with it for all of 5th and into 6th so far.    I did get a lot of compliments from people who stopped by and were surprised to see Tau on the table.    Actually, there was an all Tau Team that won the "Best Xenos" theme award.   So hope for the future of the Greater Good!

Thanks for reading!

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