Monday, April 22, 2013

Post-Adepticon Thoughts and Photos from Muggins

This dude looks how I feel today. That is a garbage can
Well I got home at about 11:15 last night. Adam took off in his truck south, Josh went east, and Jeremy went south as well. The warlords parted for the weekend.

My scavvies took to the sump beach to fight off spyrers and a crazed monster!
The first event we took part in was Necromunda by Night. This was run by the gentleman from Empire of Ghosts. It was tons of fun! Necromunda is undeniably my favorite game so I was geeked to get out there. I didn't think I'd do well as my Scavvies have not done well at all since I've painted them up and played them.

Scavvies line up for the draw

Drew had a sweet display base and Goliath gang

I ended up playing very well and had some really lucky rolls. I won first place :)

We also played in the Iron Arena on Thursday. This was the Privateer Press open play room. WMH is currently my favorite game so I was really really excited to play.

My love

Walking tables

Such a great paintjob

Models on display! I snapped a pic of the Mammoth but it was so blurry. I think I may have fallen in love with Lylyth3's model.

Dudes playing a huge game

I managed to get in a game on a display table. The Archangel did some sweet stuff then died.

I ended up pulling a win in my only WMH game of the weekend vs Vlad3. Angelius did some damage to him, then died, then Naga Nightlurker destroyed him with crit poison. :)

Bolt Action marines take an island from the Japanese

Gettysburg first day!

The Confederates roll well and flank out the Yanks.

We also played in the Zone Mortalis games. Think Space Hulk but actual 40k. I was originally going to bring my Mantis Warriors. I wanted to use terminators and thunder hammers and storm shields and power fists and... I realized it would be so much easier just to use Tyranids since I was using them in the team tourney. 

I ended up going 2-0 in this one. The genestealers managed to get into combat and destroy dudes while the carnifex backed them up.

Super sweet Death Guard Rhino

Look at that skull heh
Finally we arrived at the Team Tournament. These guys won the theme / appearance award. They had a huge gargant that the Orks were using for a concert. They even produce their own music! Definitely a great hobby project.

We did a display board that wasn't nearly as intense as some of the ones we saw, but I was proud of it. Gamers Sanctuary generously donated four Realm of Battle boards for us to use.

You can see we put the Wall of Martyrs out like we were overrunning the Imperial lines. I think we realized that almost everyone else there were running teams of four of the same codex. Everyone thought it was weird that we had four different Xenos armies.

Thoughts on the Team Tournament: it was really fun, first of all. It was also a huge grind. There were 500 people in the ballroom with all their books, bags, models, display boards, cosplay outfits, transport boxes, carts, etc. It got to be a bit much. Trying to switch tables was a nightmare. 

We went 6-4 overall (5 matches vs four man teams overall, 2 coalitions per match) which was pretty cool. I think I was probably the weak link as I went 2-3... but it might have just been bad luck.

We went up against a group from Quebec in the first round. Adam and I had a great time but the points weren't close; my Tyranids marched up the field pretty much unchecked and he shot down everything.

The second round was against some Chaos Space Marine players. We didn't really have a chance in this one as it was 'score in every quarter' and they had about a dozen troops choices with fearless zombies because one of their teammates had Typhus. 

The third round was against Chaos Space Marines again. Josh and I were paired up here. We went up against three heldrakes and three forgefiends. It was just too much firepower. My tervigon took five wounds in the first turn hiding behind a building. Josh's army was virtually wiped when the heldrakes came on. After that it was just mop up. The dudes were cool about it and we talked to them for a while.
Adam and I castled up hardcore.
The fourth round we went up against a sweeeet Forge World pre-Heresy army. Adam and I paired up and fought Grey Knights and Dark Angels. They attempted to cross the board into our guns and we shot them. It wasn't pretty. They were super cool guys.

The last game was against... Tyranids. I've never done a Tyranid vs Tyranid battle. They had The Doom and Swarmlord + three tervigons. I thought we had a good chance but I rolled pretty poorly for my Carnifex attacks and it just didn't work out. I only got one round of shooting with my Carnifexes so that was good play by them. Great dudes too.

Overall it was really fun and I spent too much in the vendor hall on Infinity, Bolt Action, and Scibor minis. I am looking forward to next year for sure. Not sure if I'll do the team tournament again if it is two days. I would like to do a Warmachine / Hordes tournament. Maybe combat patrol or the friendly 40k or even Gladiator (hierophant incoming!).

Anyway, watch this space for more post-Adepticon coverage!


  1. Nice summary, thanks! But we gotta get you a real camera, man.

    1. I have a digital camera but didn't bring it because I had to haul a lot of other stuff. I don't know if it would have helped. The lighting was nice but really really high up

      I can get nice shots with my phone camera usually

  2. I have a lot of Photo's I'll, put a collection out there. Including the guy vomiting in the Garbage Can.

  3. Display board game out great. Nice job with the trenches and the placards.

  4. You know I walked past you guys a few times and I didn't realize it was you hah I recognize the battle. Would have been nice to meet some other some michigan gamers while at chicago

    1. You can always come up to Flint! Wednesday nights are 40k nights at Gamers Sanctuary.