Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Adepticon - Wreck Age

Greetings from Adepticon. Hyacinth games is showing off their game Wreck Age here at Adepticon. Its a RPG/Skirmish game set in a post apocalypse type world. This game has a fascinating story. I had both the pleasure of playing in the event and getting to know the crew over at Hyacinth Games.

The game is still a work in progress, but the idea behind it is to play in a RPG setting and or skirmish based combat. Right now they had three playable factions and they were showing them all off at Adepticon. Briefly the three Factions are Drifters, Reclaimers and Stitchers. Drifters are exactly what they sound like, people trying to survive off the land, moving around surviving any way they can. Reclaimers are the faction of Humans that want to rebuild humanity and live in communities. Stitchers are what I think are the true villains in Wreck Age, they are organ harvesters trying to extend the duration of their own lives.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this game, was it was story driven. The scenarios were specific to each of the factions. Interestingly enough the scenarios are based off of Role Playing adventures by the staff at Hyacinth!

After a short demo on Thursday, some awesome conversation with Matt at Hyacinth and a beer provided to me I was all in for their event.

The event had eight players scattered across a large table. Each player had a play card with what their secret scenario was, and how they could achieve their goals and earn points. I played the Drifters and my mission was that I had just finished raiding a supply area and had two hogs loaded with gear that I had to get off the board.

The game was epic, I found myself tossing around a lot of high fives. So many unexpected events happened making the overall game very exciting. Personally win or lose, games I play when unexpected things happen tend to be the most entertaining and fun. Everyone around the table appeared to be enjoying themselves, and that I think is a mark of a good game.

All around me was chaos, as Stitchers were harvesting organs, Stakers defending their territory and us Drifters trying to make off with our loot.

Things went oh so bad and oh so good for me this game. I made a mad dash near the most obvious path off the table to only have a dog sound the alarm that I was near. Hidden behind a building laid a nasty Stitcher I did not notice (they obviously planned this) and he now resided as an obstacle for me to get through. I had a boar that had explosives rigged, a suicide bacon bomber if you would. Three times I attempted to set the boar off to kill that Stitcher only to fail all my rolls! On the forth try I managed to explode the boar (I only needed a 3+)  and failed to wound the Stitcher! I honestly thought I was doomed at this point but from out of nowhere an opponent sniped the Stitcher from all the way across the board. The next turn I got my whole team off the board for a perfect victory. 

I won the event and received the Stitchers faction. I was so impressed with the game that I bought the Starter box.

Check out the game! I'll paint them up and if anyone wants to play a game all you need to do is ask!

Now the only person not to win something at Adepticon from Fresh Coast is Josh! Make sure to harass him when you see him.

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