Sunday, April 21, 2013

Team Tournament, Game 4.

Game four saw Josh and Jeremy paired against a DE and Chaos Mech List featuring two Helldrakes and two Preds and a bunch of Rhino chassis. The game was kill points, but each side had to mark only one force they could earn kill points off of. Of course Josh's bikes were Marked for Death, however they failed to realize Josh only gives up a total of four kill points. Honestly my five scarabs and two barges laid waste to most of the forces (with Josh's help).

Adam and Mike teamed up to face Grey Knights and Dark Angels and were victorious as well. The Dakka carnifexes were heroes of the match as they pummeled the Grey Knight terminators. Meanwhile the Tau forces were able to concentrate ranged fire on the advancing Dark Angels. By turn 4 the remaining Grey Knights and Dark Angels made it to the defense line where the were beaten by Carnifexes in close combat and Tau firepower.

Check out the pictures for this Horus Heresy force.