Monday, March 25, 2013

Entre Nous - Fresh Coast Gaming

You may have noticed a name change at the top of your page. We here at Fresh Coast always anticipated growing the blog; we had a vision of making it more than a blog, but a community of gamers in our area, a showcase for all the great things people are doing here, and a source of entertainment and interest for people around the 'nets.

Along the way we picked up more games, dropped some, and generally devised our strategies for posting articles to the site. The '40k' part of our moniker was mostly just there because it provided alliteration with Fresh Coast.

With the explosion of Warmachine / Hordes across the country and a great new group of people starting Fantasy at GS I made an executive decision to re-name the blog to better indicate what we do here: gaming. And not just wargaming - we play video games, board games, roleplaying games, etc. We are not just a 40k group. This has been true since the beginning, but more so now than ever. A good gamer is one that does not limit himself to just one game.

What can you look forward to with our new name? More content for more games; we're trying Infinity soon, we're playing the hell out of WMH, and we have a fantasy campaign scheduled for this summer. 40k will still be a prominent part of our rotation but not the only thing, and we just wanted to represent that.

Thanks for being a reader!

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