Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thornwood Thursday - A Pirate's Life

Gamers Sanctuary is running a sweet event right now where you can purchase a battlebox over a few weeks. If you get it put together, you get free tokens. If you get it painted, you get the faction book free! This really encouraged (read: suckered) me into starting ANOTHER faction in WMH, putting me up to four. This is my last one. Collecting and painting this army will undoubtedly help my other armies as these guys are mercenaries - the Talion Charter kind.

At GS I'm painting Bartolo Montador, a Buccaneer, a Freebooter, and a Mariner. I also picked up quite a few models to flesh out the army... basically the rest of the privateer models. It isn't a ton, but easily my favorite is the Galleon.

I've loved this model ever since I saw the art for it in the Colossals book. It is SO cool. It has a look that none of the others have. For the most part, I love Conquest, but he definitely looks like a big Khadoran jack. This guy looks so much different.

He has a harpoon that is super powerful in melee and can be shot so it can drag people in. It also has cannons built into its chest and a large claw on the left hand. All in all he is one of the most feared models in WMH right now for good reason. He has a great combination with some minions to go up to armor 24 and blow you off the board.

Initially I wanted to do a black scheme but I really didn't have faith in my ability to paint it, so I went with a brown / gray / gold scheme. I really love how it turned out. The metal is weathered with Secret Weapon Sewer Water wash. I feel like being out on the sea would do that to the boiler. I also added some rust effects from SW.

I also painted up a Mule, a heavy 'jack that can do a lot of work. I am doing a snow beach look for these guys so all my factions have snow bases.

I don't intend to play these guys much this year but if I can finish enough models in the next few weeks I'll bring them to Adepticon for the Iron Arena.

This is the list I plan to use:

Faction: Shae - A Pirate's Life
Casters: 1/1
Points: 50/50
Tiers: 4
Captain Phinneus Shae (*6pts)
* Buccaneer (3pts)
* Galleon (18pts)
* Mule (8pts)
* Commodore Cannon & Crew (Commodore and 3 Crewmen) (4pts)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (4pts)
Sea Dog Crew (Leader and 9 Grunts) (8pts)
* Mr. Walls Sea Dog Crew Quartermaster (2pts)
* 2 Sea Dog Crew Riflemen (2pts)
Sea Dog Deck Gun (2pts)
Bosun Grogspar (1pts)
Dirty Meg (1pts)
Doc Killingsworth (1pts)
First Mate Hawk (1pts)
Lord Rockbottom (1pts)

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  1. Looking good. Playing multiple factions has been helping my gameplay for both of my armies.