Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thornwood Thursday - More Hobby for Journeyman League

I have gotten a good start on my new Circle Orboros Hordes army for the Journeyman League at Gamer's Sanctuary.   These models are a new challenge for me and I find myself really enjoying painting them.   I managed to finish the official starter group set models last week and one warlock attachment.   The league builds up from the starter to 35 points and I should have a pretty decent collection of models by the end.  The league has really attracted a lot of players and last week every table had a Warmahordes game going.   It has been a lot of fun so far.  I have had more success than I thought I would when starting a new army and learning the Fury mechanic for Hordes.   Here's what I have completed for painting score credit:

The Feral Warpwolf has been my MVP (MVB?) in almost every game so far.   This model is also my entry for the "All Your Bases" challenge.   I really like the Secret Weapon Miniatures bases and scenic leaves used for basing.

I had to re base the Argus after realizing I bought beveled and not rounded edge versions.    I am pretty happy with how he came out.   Something tells me I will be good at painting fur the more I work on this army.

Because I used the Two Player box starter, I got a Winter Argus instead of the regular for my second light beast.   I used a water down light grey paint to use as a wash for the fur.

Last Saturday was a painting day at Gamer's Sanctuary and I got a good start on a druid wilder.   I managed to finish her up this week.   All the druids seem to carry these wooden weapons so this was my test model for layering on the edges.   I am happy with how it came out.

This week in the league we are allowed to change casters.   I picked up eKaya to run in place of pKaya with the starter beasts.   I still need to paint her and her beast companion Laris.


There are three weeks left in the league.   I hope to get as much hobby work done as I can to try for the Journeyman award.    The last week allows for an unrestricted 35 point list and I am building up to running an eKaya tier four list.

35 pts
Theme: Call of the Wild
   Kaya the Moonhunter
   Druid Wilder
   Pureblood Warpwolf
   Feral Warpwolf
Druids of Orboros
   Druid of Orboros Overseer
Shifting Stones
   Stone Keeper
Warpborn Skinwalkers
   Warpborn Alpha

Circle has been a lot of fun and a new challenge for me after playing Retribution for the last couple of years.   I am looking forward to more Warmahordes events as it seems to be on the rise in popularity again locally.   Thanks for reading!


  1. Fantastic paint jobs man. So crisp and clean looking. Really really solid work there!

  2. Looks great man. I wish I had more time for my poor gators. I've gotten one gatorman posse painted and one light beast, but that's it.

  3. Outstanding job on the wovlves!! Better than the ones found on the PP website!