Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thornwood Thursday - Dire Troll Blitzer

This week I've got a Dire Troll Blitzer to show off. Love the art and fluff on this guy!

Dire Troll Blitzers represent the Trollbloods desperate search for new, more effective weaponry to battle the more technologically advanced factions. Long story short, a group of reallllly drunk Trollkin got togetherand dared each other to strap an old gatling gun to the back of a sleeping dire troll. Once it was on there, they managed to find a Pyg crazy enough to man the gun. Turns out the combo was effective, though they have to chain the dire's arms to keep him from, you know, eating the Pyg if he gets too hungry. The combo proved effective, and has seen more and more use in Trollblood forces.

Big meaty fist o' doom

My version of the Blitzer came courtesy of the used models case at Gamers Sanctuary. It's from the new plastic kit, which is awesome because I never cared for the super skinny metal version. This particular model technically doesn't have the correct head, (the Mauler was used instead) but that's ok since I like it better.

Unfortunately while the Blitzer has a cool model and funny backstory, it's not so hot in game. To be honest, I didn't plan on buying one until I saw a pristine model in the used case. Generally speaking, Trollblood ranged units aren't so hot. (Obvious exceptions being the Bomber and maaaybe Scattergunners.) Still, cool model that I'll hold on to to play silly lists with dudes like Gunnbjorn. Who knows, maybe the new Epic Grim Angus will do something for the ranged game beyond his rumored feat, which itself helps the ranged game out a good bit.

Thanks for checking this duder out! Next time I should have a whole mess of angry Cajun gators to feature here. Looking forward to it!


  1. Been waiting for this dude. He looks sweet! Love the model, probably my favorite Tblood beast after Mulg.

  2. Yeah, I really like this model as well. Good job as always.