Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Coming soon to Gamers Sanctuary; Adepticon Primer Events!

Starting next month, Fresh Coast 40k, in partnership with Gamers Sanctuary, will be hosting a series of Adepticon Primer events!
Considered by many to be the premier wargaming event in the United States, Adepticon is four days of gaming goodness in Chicago every spring.  We have been talking about going for a few years now, but this year FC40k is taking the plunge and sending four members to participate in the marquee event, the Team Tournament.  Muggins, Tau 4 Eva, Maelstorm, and I will be making the drive to Chi-Town, Xenos armies in tow, to compete with the best clubs from across the country.

We thought it would be awesome to bring a little bit of the 'con to Gamers Sanctuary for those of you who can't make it.  We have set up a wargaming tasting menu, of sorts.  We have selected several events we thought the players at GS would enjoy and have stared planning them with Chad and the boys.  Here's what we've got on the table for you!

March 9th - Warhammer Fantasy Championships (2400 points)

March 23rd - Warhammer 40K Championships (1850 points)

March 30th - Warmachine and Hordes Hardcore Tournament (50 points Hardcore)

April 6th - Warhammer 40K Team Tournament (1000 points per player, four to a team)

Check out the link to GS's Facebook page for complete details.  While you are there, be sure to Join the event.  It will help up get an idea of how many players to expect.  Remember, as an official Fresh Coast 40K event, participants will receive an exclusive button to commemorate the occasion!

Supplies will be limited to a first come, first serve basis, so show up early, chat with your competition, and have fun!  Event prizes will be based upon player turnout, so get your friends together and have some fun!


  1. You might want to do the Team primer as two-man teams.

  2. The Primer rules and missions are out. They look like they were written for 4 player teams, so that is what we are going with. Besides, it worked out very well for us last year, so if it ain't broke...