Monday, February 11, 2013

Great Lakes Warhammer League Model Competition

The Great Lakes Warhammer League is going strong and we here at Fresh Coast 40k are taking part this year. We wanted to show some support for the league so we worked with our sponsor, Gamers Sanctuary, to come up with a way to encourage players to get in some practice games and show off their painted models!

Come into GS and play a game of WHFB (practice or real) at 2500 points. Take a photo of your game with your army on the board, then take a photo of your favorite model and send them to mugginns AT and we'll have a vote! Prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st place - $50
2nd place -$35
3rd place - $30

4th place - $20
5th place - $15

This contest ends February 28th, 2013. C'mon in and play!


  1. Can the model submitted for the contest be a non-GW model used for Fantasy?

    1. Who wants to help me assemble 2500pts of rats? :-P

    2. Dustin, you just need to paint one very well. If you want, bring a box or two Wednesday and I'll take it home with me. I can assemble stuff fast.