Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick and Inexpensive Trees

It is tough to find trees of the right shape and mass to provide real cover for 40k vehicles and fliers.  During a quick trip to the local Wally-World (Walmart) I came across the ubiquitous miniature Christmas village snow covered trees.  They come in 3 sizes ($0.75, $1.00 and $2.00 each) and several different densities, but they all have some sort of winter theme to them (gold, silver, white or snow covered). 

$2 for a Large tree between 9"-10" tall
$1 for a Mid-sized tree between 6"-7" tall
$0.75 for a Small tree between 3"-4" tall

I picked up a couple of each size and a can of Hunter Green Krylon “Dual” primer+paint and sprayed them top-down and bottom-up for full coverage.  The results were nothing short of amazing!

With a single can of spray paint I have covered 10 large, 20 medium and 20 small trees.  I now have adequate coverage for any sized model on the gaming table.  I used a hot melt glue gun to adhere them to 3/4" diameter washers (found at Lowes or Home Depot) for added stability.

Let me know what you think!


  1. They really look nice in person; perfect scale.

  2. Nice! We made a lot of these for Foodhammer.

  3. The small trees look like they might also work for FOW without repainting.

  4. Painting them a uniform color really brings the whole table together nicely!