Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Adepticon Registration

Team Fresh Coast 40k is registered and ready to go in April! We have yet to plan out what we'll be taking (Xenos or Space Marines?) but we'll be there at the team tournament. It sold out in something like 53 minutes. Crazy! A few other things on my schedule for sure:

Necromunda By Night
4:00PM - 10:00PM (Thursday)

Zone Mortalis: The Sin of Alacrity - Boarding Action
11:00AM - 2:00PM (Friday)

Hands On With Weathering Pigments
5:00PM - 7:00PM (Friday)

Warmachine/Hordes Iron Arena
All Weekend

It'll be sweet to get in some Necromunda at a planned quick campaign and then see how Mr. Justin teaches his weather pigments. I've really wanted to see The Sin of Alacrity since it was created so I'm pumped to play on that board.

Tau4Eva spoke very highly of the Iron Arena at Gencon so I can't wait to get in there and beat some face. And then there is, of course, the 40k Team Tournament, their premier event.

We've booked a hotel... all that remains is to get this thing on the road!


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  2. I'll be taking it easy Thursday. Friday I plan to swing by Dreadball thanks to the free ticket I got from my Kickstart pledge. After that I'll be fighting for the Vickers Bloodname in a Battletech showdown.

  3. It will also be a new version of the Sin. The original was raffled off in 2010 to allow Brian to make the first set of Killzone boards. I do still expect that the new sin will be suitably epic.

  4. I will be there for Dreadball (Kickstart Pledge), Warmachine/Hordes, 2 weathering classes (one from 10:00pm to 12:00am).

    My biggest event for the weekend: Team 40k for Fresh Coast 40K!!

  5. Should be a fun weekend, looking forward to my first Adepticon. Now, if I can just get a new Tau codex to release early next year in time...

  6. Good luck to those of you going. Still have not made an Adepticon yet, hope to make it next year situations permitting.

  7. Andrea and I will be playing Warhammer all weekend. 1000pt HYUI, 2400pt Team Tournament, and 2-day 2400pt Championships.