Friday, November 9, 2012

Fantasy Friday: STORM OF MAGIC!

Art by Adrian Smith
This last Saturday at Foodhammer Tau4Eva and I took on the Rhellion family in a game of Storm of Magic. I wanted to get at least one game in that day and Storm of Magic was a perfect game to get in. We had a lot of fun and a TON of models died.

Highlights of the game: my ghorgon being transported behind enemy lines, an entire hill being dropped on my bestigor and killing most of them, my gor horde holding the line against a horde of bloodletters with occam's mindrazor, and even me forgetting my brand new sweet preyton hiding in a forest because he's so camouflaged.

It was sweet to see my newly painted Storm of Magic terrain out on the board (thanks Geneguard, Tau4Eva, me) and see the casters romping all over. We rolled up some decent spells. I tried Lore of the Wild (the beastmen lore) and again found it to be turrrrrrrrrrrrible. I'll focus on Shadow, Beasts and Death in that order from now on.

A miscast puts my Shaman on their side of the board and a transportation spell puts my ghorgon in the back of their lines.

An overall shot of the board. Looks awesome! So many models. You can see my preyton there in the woods in front. Actually you can't because he has sweet camouflage. Totally forgot about him.

I used all those tickets on re-rolls. 
Brad and Andrea brought Daemons and High Elves. I think Brad had his daemons pretty well cut for SoM (Kairos Fateweaver had 30 spells?) and Andrea knew what she was doing with her HE. Tau4Eva and I put up our dukes and did our best but we got slaughtered on the left flank by greater daemons and in the middle by bloodletters and a HILL.

I brought my beastmen with bestigor, minotaurs, preyton, skin wolves, gor, etc. My partner Tau4Eva brought Dark Elves with some cav, spearmen, etc.

It was overall pretty fun. I really like Storm of Magic because it ramps up 8th Edition and emphasizes the biggest parts of the game: huge blocks of troops, magic, death.

I finished my next Mierce Miniatures model. He is a shaman with a rhino head on his back cloak and a set of jaws on his staff. Really like the look of this dude and he'll be going with a female beastman shaman standing next to my herdstone.

Keep an eye out. I should have the gor horde done early next week and then I'll be on to some bestigor!


  1. Storm of magic is definitely a fun variant. I am not so sure my standard shadow and death lores are the best. Those daemons are tough. My greater dragon didn't even get to attack against the great unclean that took it out :o(

  2. This game was fun to spectate. Your beastmen are really starting to look good, too.