Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thornwood Thursday: Army ADD :(

The Gamers Sanctuary has had almost an entire Skorne army in the used case for a while now; all unpainted, greenstuffed, etc. Nicely put together even! I've never really liked the aesthetic of Skorne. They're an army based entirely on slavery and BDSM and stuff and it just never really appealed to me. I did like the huge elephant dudes and Rasheth. I traded in a bunch of things to GS and picked up a pretty big lot of Skorne stuff.

I don't have a problem with my Legion of Everblight army or my Khador, I just figured it'd be cool to try another army. 90% of my Khador stuff is painted and I think I have two more units of Everblight to paint to finish that army. Both armies have units / beasts / warjacks that I always take so there is no need to make those armies larger now.

Shamelessly stolen from Muse on Minis

I did some early-winter cleaning of the basement to get rid of models I wasn't using and won't paint so I could fund this project. I don't plan on painting these guys until early next year as I am committed to painting my beastmen by Inauguration Day and I'll be playing Legion mostly for this winter. I'm limiting this army to a small one with Rasheth because he's hilarious.

He's a fury 8 caster with NO MELEE. He just walks around eating pickled eyeballs and casting stuff. He's super funny looking and I can't wait to paint him.

Gamers Sanctuary has also changed their WM/H day to Fridays so I'll be there this week! Check it out.

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