Friday, September 7, 2012

Steampunk Saturday: In-Tournament Transportation

Moving 100 points of spike covered Cryx models (2x 50 point lists) on a tray for tournament play has always been a test of patience and superglue/pinning skills.  I’ve seen a couple samples of Warmachine/Hordes Specific trays in the past, but could not get my hands on one – until now. 
One of the local players carves out a slick Warmachine/Hordes tournament tray that will carry over 100 points of models safely.  The tray is designed with room for Battle Engines and Gargantuans!  Look closely and you will see that 14 holes are drilled for two different sizes of bases and the Huge base holes are each drilled to accomodate 4 smaller models!

Final Count:
2 Huge Bases
12 Large Bases
16 Medium Bases
80 Small Bases
plus a cut-out for dice, tape measure and templates.

They have a second transport that is designed to carry more medim bases and less small bases for Hordes armies.

A bit large and heavy for regular game use, spot-on perfect for a standard 35 or 50 point 2 list tournament.  The cut-out depth prevents tip-over of individual models.

I'll spray it with Krylon primer and then give it a quick airbrush to match my faction colors.  Adding 6 to 8 rubber stick-on (or screw-on) feet will raise it up off the table just enough to allow your fingers to curl under the edge for easy pick up.

At $50 it was well worth the price to carry and protect expensive minis in a tournament setting.

Pop over to the forum and drop a note to c_ross_88 to learn more about them!

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