Thursday, September 6, 2012

Custom Paint Rack

While searching the web for solutions to storing paint on my table I came across several that were close to what I was looking for, but nothing was quite right.  I have 70+ bottles of Privateer Press P3 paints, inks and washes and 20 bottles of GW paints and washes.
On the way to lunch I passed a local wood craft shop in a strip mall, Crafty Wood Cutouts in Orem, UT.   
I found a ton of small craft projects and kits but nothing I needed for 40k.  The smell of fresh-cut wood and the sound of saws running in the back of the store gave me an idea.  A quick inquiry at the front desk confirmed that indeed they would cut & build from plans I provided.  I stopped back in the next day with a hand-drawn 3-D sketch of what I was looking for and a couple of bottles as samples for dimension (a P3 bottle and a GW bottle). 

I only had a few requests:  8 rows of 12 bottles, handles to pick it up and I wanted to see half of the bottle in the next row.  I dropped off my napkin sketches along with the sample bottles and waited.  10 days later I stopped in and found exactly what I was looking for!

Total cost: $50.  My painting bench has never been more organized!  I can group paints in each row based on color and in turn each row on how often the color is used.  Well worth the time and $$ spent and the folks at Crafty Wood Cutouts were a pleasure to work with.


  1. Very nice design, and looks like it was well executed as well.

  2. Awesome. Bet you could mass produce those and make a pretty good business. :)

  3. Well done. If they plan to sell it you should ask for a small cut of each sale. It was your design, after all.

  4. They offered that up to me - I'd be happy to see it used by others in the hobby - just call it the Maelstorm Design.

  5. Tell them I want one... and I wanted it shipped to my house! Ill be your first sale :)


  6. Click the link above and give them a call! I let them keep the "plans" (napkin sketches). It is important to give them the dimensions of the paint bottles, how many per row and how many rows.

    If they've lost the design I'd be happy to drop mine by for a few days so they can take dimensions.

  7. Great looking paint rack. It's nice it can accommodate both paint pot types and definitely tidies up the desk.