Saturday, September 8, 2012

Steampunk Saturday - Calandra

This week I finally got around to taking pictures of my newest painted warlock, Calandra Truthsayer. She is super cool and lets you legally cheat at Warmahordes! Deets after the jump.

So Calandra is definitely not your stereotypical Trollblood. She's a backline support caster with some amazing spells and abilities. Her melee ability is not worth touching on. If she's in combat, you're in serious bantha pudu.

 First off, her spells. She has the standard damaging spell all casters get, in this case Force Blow. Damage something, knock it down. Nothing too exciting there. Soothing Song removes fury from her beasts in her control area. Nice fury management in a faction starved for it. Befuddle lets you move enemy models a short distance. Cool for clearing charge lanes, etc. Bullet Dodger is her only upkeep. It does just like it says, helping avoid getting shot. Most likely want to toss it on her and upkeep it all game. And now, the real reason people hate her: Star-Crossed. It's an expensive spell, but any enemy models in her control area (a nice 14" thanks to her Fury stat of 7) roll and additional die on attack rolls, then must drop the highest die. Doesn't sound that exciting, but remember that in a game based on a 2d6 system, anything that messes with that standard normal curve is going to really throw expected values off big time! That spell alone can make even Trollbloods frustrating tough to hit. Hence, legal cheating.

That's not all though! She has an ability that lets models in her control area spend her fury during their activation to re-roll attack or damage rolls. Great support ability to let her army do the heavy lifting for her.

Finally, her feat: Friendly models in her control area get to re-roll 1s and 2s on attack and damage rolls. Like Star-Crossed, this sounds simple but is freaking amazing. A good feat turn can really wreck an opponent's army if they're not prepared. There's a number of shenanigans to be pulled using this feat that I won't get into here but suffice to say this feat makes all sorts of units ludicrous.

I've only gotten to try Calandra out once, but as muggins can attest to, she is super fun (for me anyway), and super annoying to deal with for her opponent. I can definitely see myself making her a regular caster in my lineup.

In terms of painting her, nothing too fancy here, just my usual white primer, thin basecoats, and washes. I did do some extra highlighting of the skin and the red skirt in particular. I'm pretty happy with those, as well as the metallics. Pretty cool model with a characterful pose made it super fun to paint!

That's it for now, thanks for reading!

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