Friday, September 21, 2012

Relive the Heresy

After many years and requests, Forge World the makers of such awesome models as the Warhound Titan an Tyranid Heirophant has finally decided to appease their fans. To fans of Warhammer 40k, the Horus Heresy is near and dear to many. The stories of the Warmaster Horus’ assault on the Imperial Palace and his epic battle with the Emperor of Mankind is legendary. Now you can (if you mortgage your home), fight those battles out at your local gaming store.

Here are some of the new pictures to come out of Forge World.

Here are your standard tactical marines in Mark II Power Armour, quite the Gothic feel to them.

Life wouldn't be complete without the matching iconography here we have shoulder pads for the Death Guard, Sons of Horus, Emperors Children, and World Eaters.

See here is why I like the good ole days, the Space Marine Fellhammer. Rolling across today's battlefield the largest tank you might happen to see is the Baneblade or one of its siblings, but during the Heresy the Legion had these bad boys at their disposal. And yes those are Quad Lascannons on the side - as for the turret - I would guess it to be some type of destroyer weapon.

Any fan of the Dark Angel Ravenwing is going to just love these, now Sammael can have a proper jetbike escort.

Here we have one of my favorites, I have not been a fan of the early armour styles but I have to say the Heresy Era Cataphractii Terminators look amazing and I love the fact that they can carry the twin linked Autocannon.

And here is the coup de grace, the ultimate warrior and someone you definitely would not want to meet in a dark alley. Angron the Red Angel, Primarch of the World Eaters Legion. For those of you who are wondering - yes that marine has a stump for a right arm. A statline is supposedly coming in Betrayal, the first book of the Horus Heresy series. Bring your entire army and I will bring Angron and we will throw down. The nice part about this awesome model is that you can lift Angron right out for table top use.

Like I said before to field an entire period army you are going to have to basically sell some blood and mortgage your house because it isn't going to come cheap. To even get started with the first book in the series Betrayal is going to run you around $115. I have given Forge World quite a bit of business over the past couple years and I think that they are going to be seeing even more from me. Betrayal will have the rulesets for the some of the legions, whether or not I continue on to build a Heresy army will depend on how well they mesh with the current rules and codex'.

Let us know what you think of Forge World's first Horus Heresy offerings.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful models - I'm suffering from a serious case of sellers remorse with the heresy-era World Eaters I'd sold a few months back. Argh! That Angron model is simply beautiful...

    If you're not already aware of it, the Tempus Fugitives gaming club in England does an amazing series of narrative campaign weekends set during the heresy, and Ulfhedin and Co. have made some truly amazing codexes that cover the Loyalist and Traitor Legions, as well as all sorts of other forces that appear during the heresy (Custodes, Ad-Mech, Sisters of Silence, etc). They're in the midst of reworking the current Age of the Emperor codex into 6th edition, and it's shaping up to be epic (along the lines of 200+ pages). I heartily recommend checking them out if you have an interest in heresy-era gaming! -

    I liked it so much that I actually traveled across the pond to attend one of the campaign weekends back in March with my old Thousand Sons army, and it was some of the most fun I've had playing 40k ever! I'm definitely jazzed to see FW coming out with more heresy era minis - Warhammer 30k is just as much fun as Warhammer 40k!

  2. I don't know, call me crazy, but $115 for a gaming book seems a little crazy. I's (faux)leatherbound! It's full of HERESY goodness! YOU NEED THESE RULES! Except I really don't. Not for regular old 40K games.

    Of course, I always dig Forgeworld models...but with Finecast now so prevalent, are we just going to see more integration with the 'regular' 40K stuff?

  3. Finecast isn't the same stuff they use in their forgeworld models is it? I thought Finecast was a resin hybrid. Yes, its expensive, but come on lol, its the Horus Heresy an you are a chaos marine player, how can you not be stoked about this. I remember back in the good old days of Rogue Trader, there were three books I would have given a digit or two for, they were the Realms of Chaos books an Waaagh the Orcs. I only saw Waagh the Orcs once, an never saw both Realms of Chaos books. I will pick this thing up for the fluff alone.

  4. An I am hoping they are compatible with 6th edition. Not saying I am shell out a kidney to pick up the models, but I will for sure get the books.

  5. Price hikes have scared me off. $115 for a book is bloody silly. Which is a shame, cos most of the stuff I see for this is lovely.

  6. I'm glad I already play the IX Legion. Can't wait to see the Sanguinious model.

    1. They looked different back then :)

    2. Well actually.. Mark IV and Mark V armor existed during the Horus Heresy. So besides my Vehicles, my IX legion could be correct.

  7. It does make me want to start a Pre Heresy Thousand Sons army...