Sunday, September 23, 2012

Batrep 24 Is Up! Badab War Showdown - 3,000 Point Team Game

We had so much fun with the 4 player game last week, we did it again!  This time, Brother Maelstorn, AKA Brian, flew in from the Eye of Terror that is Utah and helped me take on Tau 4 Eva and Muggins in a Badab War style throwdown.


  1. Great friends, greatr times and an awesome battle report!

    I have never rolled that many 1's & 2's for saves and to-hits... Ever! And having the Heavy Plasma Devesator deviate his shot by 8" - directly onto his own head was hilarious!!

    Thanks again to Cerberus for putting together the Star Phantom lists and dragging everything out for me to use! A great looking army indeed!

  2. Great report, I can't wait to get home and play!

  3. How many points will the games be at Foodhammer? This will help me manage my painting time better.

  4. All games must be at least 1500 points. You are welcome to play any point level above that, as well as change your lists, all day. It isn't going to be a traditional tournament structure. You get points for playing games and collecting special "Bounties" throughout the day. The person who earns the most points for the day wins the event.